Study Volunteer

Principle Investigator:
Dr. Eli Puterman
The CAPE Study seeks to understand how our feelings, thoughts, and body work together and apart during and after we exercise. This study is run out of the FAST Lab on UBC Vancouver campus.

 20-40 year old males
 Free of heart disease and able to run on a treadmill

 $40 honorarium to reimburse you for your time
 FREE Personal Fitness Assessment
 Tips for living a more active, healthy lifestyle

Your participation will consist of two visits to our lab, located on UBC campus.
(1) The first session will last ~1hr15min. You will be asked to fill out some brief questionnaires and then asked to complete a 20-minute graded maximal treadmill test to measure your aerobic fitness status.
(2) The second session will last ~2hr15min. You will be asked again to complete either a treadmill walk or run. If you are asked to run, it will be at a lower intensity than the maximal test you completed in the first session. This will be followed by a 70-minute recovery period. Light reading will be provided if you are interested. Throughout the second session you will be asked to provide a total of 11 saliva samples and complete some brief questionnaires.

Call us at 604-827-2618 or email us at for more information and sign ups!
You can also visit our website at to learn more about why we are doing this study.

End date: