What Moves You

Here at the School of Kinesiology, we study human movement. We know our research often has wide community implications. But what about the influence it has on our own lives?

The ‘What Moves You’ series is our way of exploring how the research we do informs our personal lives more deeply, and vice versa. It’s your chance to dive in and get to know what makes our researchers tick.

Our Researchers

Dr. Eli Puterman

Speaking with Dr. Eli Puterman, School of Kinesiology researcher and professor of KIN 489 – Psychobiology of Physical Activity, it’s clear he has a real passion for his work. For some time now, he’s been seeking to understand how stress, aging, and exercise work together. “As I moved through my education, and learning that long-term psychological stress has a negative effect on our health, I became interested in the accumulated experiences of stress across the lifespan and how they may ‘get under the skin’, so to speak, to advance aging,” he says.

Dr. Michael Koehle

Dr. Michael Koehle, Professor with the School of Kinesiology and Physician at the Allan McGavin Sports and Exercise Medicine Centre, is not one to boast about his personal or professional achievements. In fact, when we sat down to talk research and exercise, and how each informs the other, Mike was almost sheepish when asked to elaborate on these successes. “I don’t want to highlight any of my accomplishments,” he jokes, as we begin to get down to business.