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Brown Bag Seminar: “Is HIIT Hot or Hated? High-Intensity Interval Training from an Exercise Psychology Perspective”

February 12, 2016
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has garnered interest and popularity in mainstream media, but has been the target of much criticism and debate in exercise psychology. HIIT promotes similar health benefits as continuous moderate-intensity exercise in significantly less time, but its viability as a health promotion strategy is often questioned. In this talk, Dr. Jung will […]

Brown Bag Seminar Series: “Which way is up? Understanding the role of visual motion in the estimation of the orientation gravity.”

February 1, 2016
Knowing which way is up is essential for maintaining posture and successful movement. To estimate verticality we use visual cues from our environment and gravity cues from the somatosensory and vestibular systems. Vestibular derived gravity cues are ambiguous with respect to translational motion, requiring an estimate of head tilt to disambiguate them. Visual motion cues […]

Reconnecting Through Mentoring: Joan Webster’s Story

July 28, 2015
“[The Mentorship Program] is a unique opportunity to learn one on one from key people in your field. I don’t know a successful person who hasn’t had a mentor along the way in his or her industry.”

Physician Prescribed Exercise: Kinesiology’s role in the future of health

May 7, 2015
Thank you to everyone who attended!

Make Your Mark Voting Link

March 17, 2015
From March 16-20 KIN Students can vote on this initiative by clicking here:  

Centre for Sport and Sustainability

June 10, 2014
The Centre’s approach is to integrate training and educational opportunities with core research activities focused around sport and sustainability. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

4th Annual Moving Minds a Success

May 17, 2014
UBC Moving Minds is a free non-competitive walk/run/wheel promoting the use of breaks from work to support one’s health and well-being. This year's event was held on May 15th and saw over 300 people come out.

School of Kinesiology is seeking support to create a Chair in Adapted Physical Activity

The University of British Columbia’s School of Kinesiology is seeking to create a Chair in Adapted Physical Activity to support research, teaching, undergraduate & graduate student learning and engage the community in the field of adaptive activity to support people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Names Class of 2014

April 29, 2014
Builders announced are both BPE graduates

Mallory White on Personalizing Your Degree Experience

August 21, 2013
UBC KIN alumnus Mallory White featured by UBC for her interdisciplinary studies and time studying abroad.