Airway Luminal Area and the Resistive Work of Breathing During Exercise in Healthy Young Females and Males

Congratulations to Dr. Carli Peters, (Ph.D. 2021) on her published study, “Airway luminal area and the resistive work of breathing during exercise in healthy young females and males”, with Kin professor Dr. Bill Sheel, and co-authors Michael Leahy, Geoffrey Hohert, Pierre Lane, Steven Lam, Don Sin, and Don McKenzie) in the December issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology, 02 Dec. 2021

Her study examines the relationship between the work of breathing (Wb) during exercise and in vivo measures of airway size in healthy females and males. It was hypothesized that the higher resistive work of breathing in females compared with males during high-intensity exercise is due to smaller airways.

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