2020 Annual UBC Chan Gunn Lecture – Oct 22

The Elite Athlete, their Support Team and Gunn IMS



Cory Choma has been practicing Gunn IMS since 1998 in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), where he is a partner in three practices that utilize Gunn IMS as a sole and complete treatment option for myofascial pain of neuropathic origin. He currently heads the chronic pain department at CSA Physical Therapy on 51st in Edmonton. His practice includes chronic muscular athletic injuries and the treatment of persistent neuropathic conditions using Intramuscular Stimulation. Cory has taught Gunn IMS sessions in South America and Europe and teamed up with Dr. Steve Goodman to contribute a chapter on Gunn IMS for a needling textbook called ‘Trigger Point Dry Needling’ by Dommerholt & Fernández-de-las-Peñas.

Quin Sekulich comes from a coaching background at the Olympic level, with a focus on acceleration and speed development. Quin was the speed and strength coach for the University of Alberta’s football team from 1999-2006 and sprint coach for track and field team from 2002 to 2008. He has been a sprint coach with bobsleigh and skeleton athletes since 2006 and has worked with athletes at every summer and winter Olympic Games since 2006. For the past 15 years, he has helped Canadian athletes win multiple Olympic medals.

Neville Wright is a 7x national bobsleigh gold medalist, and a track & field CIS national double gold medalist representing team Canada. He carries a bachelors in physical education, majoring in sport performance & nutrition. He is currently an NCCP certified sport & sprint coach and in 2017, graduated as a remedial massage therapist (Hons).


For background video lectures on the neuropathic model and Neville Wright’s IMS treatment with Cory Choma, please visit:https://www.gunnims.com/2020gunnlecture.html


Each year, distinguished scholars/clinicians are invited to speak at the UBCChan Gunn Annual Lecture about issues related to IMS and neuropathic pain. This lecture is held in honour of Dr. Chan Gunn and his generous contributions.

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