Decolonizing Physical Activity and Sport Panel Discussion

In celebration of its 75th Anniversary, the School of Kinesiology is proud to sponsor the panel discussion, “Decolonizing Physical Activity and Sport.” In partnership with Move UBC, the UBC Learning Circle, UBC Recreation and UBC Wellbeing, the School will co-host an important discussion that aims to bring awareness to the importance of decolonizing physical activity and sport and will present approaches that promote sport and physical activity within Indigenous communities. The event is being held as part of Move UBC Month.

What is decolonizing physical activity and sport?
Decolonizing physical activity and sport aims to deconstruct societal structures and forces that allow for inequalities to reproduce in physical activity and sport towards Indigenous communities. Through residential schools and anti-Indigenous policies, these intergenerational impacts have prevented Indigenous communities from participating in physical activity and sport.

Panellists feature the following people: Elder Alex Nelson, Dr. Rosalin Miles, Waneek Horn-Miller, and Lyric Atchison.
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Watch the recorded lecture: