Move UBC Physical Activity Research Roundtable

This new event, organized by UBC Wellbeing’s Physical Activity Office, was created to explore more ways that we can promote physical activity on campus. The format will consist of short ‘data blitz’ presentations by UBC Faculty followed by roundtable discussions on related themes.

The objectives of this event are to:

  • Engage UBC faculty, staff, and students in a vibrant discussion about promoting physical activity on our campus
  • Learn from UBC faculty about best practices in promoting physical activity
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Highlight actionable priorities to inform the Physical Activity Office’s strategies for next year.

Confirmed speakers to date include:

Welcome and Introduction
– Dr. Matt Dolf, Wellbeing Director, Kin Alum, PhD 2018
– Alyssa Reyes, Physical Activity Manager, Kin Alum BKin,2014
– Debra Sparrow, Musqueam Cultural Teacher and Artist

– Dr. Mary Jung, Health and Exercise Sciences (Okanagan)
– Dr. Sally Stewart, Health and Exercise Sciences (Okanagan)
– Dr. Guy Faulkner, Kinesiology
– Dr. Silke Cresswell-Appel, Medicine
– Dr. Mark Beauchamp, Kinesiology
– Dr. Alex Bigazzi, Community and Regional Planning
– Dr. Eli Puterman, Kinesiology
– Dr. Rosalin Miles, Kinesiology

We welcome anyone interested or involved with promoting physical activity and wellbeing on campus to this event.
Space is limited so we recommend that people register early. Lunch will be provided.

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For more information about Move UBC and how you can get involved,
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