Natalie Ghobrial’s Mkin Paper Presentation

Title: “Review of rehabilitation process of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the university varsity setting”

Supervisor: Dr. Maria Gallo
Second Reader: Dr. Kerry MacDonald (Kinesiology)

Abstract: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries occur frequently in soccer and unfortunately females tend to be at greater risk. The rehabilitation process of such injuries in a collegiate setting require re-evaluation to ensure athlete care is current and evidenced-informed; thus, ultimately mitigating the risk of re-injury and preparing the athlete to return to optimal performance. A mastery motivational climate produces the optimal environment to improve rehabilitation goals and outcomes. Blood Flow Restriction has shown to increase muscular strength and muscle hypertrophy. Acute to chronic workload ratio monitoring provides values to ensure the athlete is not experiencing troughs and spikes in their rehabilitation load thus minimizing the potential risk of re-injury. Psychological readiness questionnaires (I-PRRS and ACL-RSI) are less suitable for individual changes over time. However, the ACL-RSI is the recommended tool for ACL recovering athletes. Return to Sport criteria is not based on evidence or consensus, and remains unclear. The application of effective and sport-specific physical, physiological and psychological strategies are needed for ACL recovering athletes in the university setting.