The Great Running Shoe Debate

Join the UBC School of Kinesiology
on February 12th, 2020
for an exciting debate on running shoes!

Dr. Jack Taunton, Professor Emeritus of Family Practice cross-appointed to the School of Kinesiology, and pioneer of sports medicine will introduce a panel of four leading researchers who specialize in the biomechanics of running, running shoes, and running injuries:

Dr. Michael Ryan
(C. Ped (C), BHK 99, PhD 09)
Dr. J. F. Esculier (PT, PhD, Sport Physiotherapy Certificate)
Dr. Chris Napier (PT, PhD 2018, Sport Physiotherapist)
Dr. Chris Maclean (MHK 95, PhD 2018)

For researcher profiles, please click here.

Each researcher will pose a statement regarding running shoes for the panel to debate. Each debate will be allotted the same amount of time and each will be closely monitored by the moderator. And a Q&A period will conclude the debates.

The evening’s hosts:

Dr. Jack Taunton: Considered one of the pioneers of sports medicine, Dr. Taunton has published numerous running injury studies, was chief medical officer for the 2010 Olympic Games. and is the co-founder of the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre. Read more on his celebrated research here. 

Evan Moore is the co-owner of Fit First Footwear (est. 2013) and LadySport (est.1983).

Phil Moore is the co-owner of LadySport and FitFirst and began his career selling athletics shoes in 1981.

Admission is free, however registration is required. Please click here to register.