Study Abroad at UBC KIN (SAK)

Study Abroad in Vancouver – UBC Kinesiology Semester/Year Program (SAK)

Join students from across Canada and around the globe for a transformative undergraduate experience in the beautiful surroundings of Vancouver’s snow-capped mountains and Pacific Ocean!
Study Abroad at UBC KIN (SAK) is a short-term program for visiting students. Students can choose to start in either September or January, and enroll for 4, 6*, 8, 10, or 12 months. Upon successful completion of eligible courses, you will receive UBC course credits and an internationally recognized transcript.
*The 6-month option is only available for students who start in January.


  • Flexible duration (minimum 4 months to a maximum of 1 year)
  • Offers knowledge and experience in Kinesiology with a Canadian perspective
  • Option to choose from a wide variety of non-KIN electives in addition to Kinesiology courses
  • Tailored to include courses that fit with the vision of our partners
  • English Language Institution available prior to coursework
  • Option to aim towards a Certificate in Excellence with KIN courses


  • Meet the English Language Requirement, TOEFL 90 (IBT), IELTS 6.5 scoring no less than 6.0* in any section
  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at a recognized institution
  • Letter of permission from your home institution
  • While at UBC, students must maintain a minimum of 60% in at least two-thirds (~60%) of their course load.

UBC KIN offers various courses on diverse areas of study in the field of Kinesiology. These include:

  • Neuromechanics
  • Systems Biology, Exercise & Health
  • Sociocultural Studies
  • Pedagogy & Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport

Students are required to take a minimum of 3 courses (9 credits) in a Winter session term, and can take a maximum of 5 courses (15 credits) in a Winter session term. At least two-thirds of their course load must be KIN courses, with the option of taking up to 2 courses (6 credits) of non-KIN courses provided there are seats available and they meet all prerequisites and restrictions for those courses. Examples of course loads are as follows:

Total number of courses (credits) Number of courses (credits) that must be KIN Number of courses (credits) that can be non-KIN
3 courses (9 credits) 2 courses (6 credits) 1 course (3 credits)
4 courses (12 credits) 3 courses (9 credits) 1 course (3 credits)
5 courses (15 credits) 3 courses (9 credits) 2 courses (6 credits)

During a Summer session, students are not required to take KIN-specific courses, and can take up to 12 credits. Students also have the option of participating in the Vancouver Summer Program (VSP).

Courses can be taken at any year level, and should be carefully planned based on the student's prior knowledge and experience. To browse all UBC courses, visit:

Please note that seat availability is dependent on the class and subjected to various factors such as seat availability, room capacities, and so on. If a desired course is full, students can consult with the KIN Advising Office to find possible suitable replacements. Available topics and classes for the Winter session will be released around May/June and in February/March for the Summer session.

Students can consult with the KIN Advising Office to pick courses that best suit their interests and goals.

Note: Students should also consult with their home institution to determine if they require a minimum number of credits while studying abroad at UBC.

While in the SAK program, students can aim to achieve a Certificate of Excellence for completing a minimum of 5 courses (15 credits) of any level of KIN courses, achieving a minimum of 75% average in these courses, during the duration of their program. If more than 5 courses (15 credits) of KIN are taken during the student's stay, we will take into consideration the top 5 best KIN courses (15 best KIN credits) completed by the student.

Important Dates:

September (Term 1) Start January (Term 2) Start
Application: due June 15 of the current year Application: due June 15 of the previous year
Class Dates: Early September to Early December Class Dates: Early January to Early April
Exam Period: December Exam Period: April

We recommend that students apply to SAK early, to leave sufficient time to apply for a Canadian study permit and visa. Entry to the program is contingent on holding all required legal documents on the start day.

Choose your route of entry:

Direct Entry

1. Create or login to your account at

  • Once you submit personal information, you are asked to create a CWL (Campus-Wide login)
  • Verify your CWL
  • Log in using your username and password

2. Apply to Undergraduate degree programs (not non-degree studies)
3. Complete personal information, and academic history
4. Under the “Program Selection” section choose the “Visiting Student” box
5. Submit the application
6. You should receive an email confirmation of your application for your "Visiting Student" status within 2-5 business days.
7. Send an email to with your full name and UBC student number, letting the KIN Advising Office know that you wish to apply for the SAK program and when you are hoping to start.
8. You should receive an email confirmation from the KIN Advising Office to set up an appointment to discuss your eligibility and/or confirm your participation in the SAK program.

Entering through ELI: English Learning Institute

- The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program will need to be applied for separately and if you require this program prior to the entry of SAK.
- To fill out the application, pay the application fee, read policies, submit supporting documents and secure accommodations, please visit

For more information, please contact

For accurate, up to date tuition fees, please visit:,266,772,0

English Learning Institute (ELI) - English for Academic Purposes (EAP):
Details of the tuition for EAP can be found on the ELI website:

Melody T.
Hometown: Shanxi, China
“The SAK was my best choice for my college career, it not only offered me a great chance to experience the academic atmosphere at UBC, but also gave me a direction to explore further learning in the sports field. My involvement with KIN contributed much to my learning and career planning, and has improved my English abilities. Moreover, I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to make friends from all over the world with SAK.”

Sherman W.
Hometown: Beijing, China
“Being able to join the SAK has been a privilege for which I’m grateful. It has had a huge influence on my life and future career. The living and studying experience is exciting and also a challenge I’ve embraced. My fellow classmates, friends, professors, and student advisor have been very supportive of me and I have learned a lot from them.”

To learn more about Study Abroad at UBC KIN (SAK), please contact