KIN Faculty and Alumni – 2020 Olympics Winners

In UBC KIN’s 75th Anniversary year, undergrads and grads alike stand on the shoulders of a long legacy of Olympic athleticism, coaching, sports medicine doctors, strength conditioners and more. We are proud of all Kinners who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Special Congratulations to Medal Winners:

Evan Dunfee (BKIN, ’14), Bronze Medal, Walk Race

Jasmine Mander (BKIN ’18), Coach, Gold Medal, Women’s Soccer

Mark Smith, (HPCTL ’20), Coach, Gold Medal, Women’s Softball

Mallory White (BKIN ’12), Physiotherapist, Gold Medal, Women’s Soccer

Zach Kalthoff (BKIN ’15), Physical Performance Coach, Gold Medal, Women’s Soccer

Congratulations go out to the following Olympic athletes and coaches:

Nikola Girke, BHK ’99, 5-time Canadian Olympic athlete in RS:X Windsurfing.

Natalia Hawthorn, BKin 2018, 1500m runner.

Liz Gleadle, BKin 2014, Team Canada, Javelin Thrower.

Hoi-Lam, BKin 2021, Hong Kong Swim Team.


Mike Mason, BHK 2010, High Jumper.

Lucas Bruchet, BKin 2014, 5000-metre track and field.

Matthew Sarmento, BKin 2017, Field Hockey.

Dr. Maria Gallo, Coach, Women’s Rugby 7s


Dr. Michael Koehle, Sports Medicine doctor for track and Field

Dr. Trent Stellingwerff, Athletics Canada, Lead of Sports Science & Sports Medicine.

Dr. Gareth Sandford, Athletics Canada, Physiologist.


The School of Kinesiology would like to make special note of the students, alumni, and mentors who hail from KIN’s High Performance and Technical Leadership Program, and who participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

Coaches and Leaders:

  • Mark Smith – Softball (HPCTL Alum)
  • Kraig Devlin – Karate (BC NCI Alum, HPCTL Alum, Current Masters Student)
  • Kyla Rollinson – Triathlon (HPCTL Alum, Current Masters Student)
  • Marc Antoine Christin – Triathlon (HPCTL Alum, Current Masters Student)
  • Gerry Dragomir – Athletics (MHPCTL Alum, BC ACD Alum)
  • Kris Westwood – Cycling (HPCTL Current  Student)
  • Jon Pike – Canoe Kayak (HPCTL Current  Student)
  • Marc Creamer – Canoe Kayak (HPCTL Current  Student)
  • Laryssa Biesenthal – Rowing (HPCTL Alum)
  • Sarah Black – Para Athletics (UBC HPCTL Alum)
  • Justin Oliveira – Waterpolo Canada – OTP (UBC MHPCTL Alum)
  • Maria Gallo – Rugby 7s (MHPCTL program, Graduate Supervisor)


  • Dave Ross (Trampoline)
  • Ben Titley (Swimming)
  • Dan Proulx (Cycling)
  • John Atkinson (Swimming)
  • Simon Nathan (Athletics)
  • Mark Smith (Softball)