Cameron Mitchell

Assistant Professor

Mailing Address:
War Memorial Gymnasium, Room 210
6081 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


McMaster University, 2014, PhD, (Kinesiology)
Brock University, 2009, MSc, (Kinesiology)
McMaster University, 2007, B.Kin, (Kinesiology)

Courses Taught


Research and Teaching

I am interested in the mechanisms of muscle growth and loss as well as how these relate to chances in physical function. This research is primarily conducted in humans and employs a range of techniques from molecular biology to exercise interventions. My research seeks to understand the mechanisms that drive age related muscle loss and identify interventions which can attenuate or reverse this loss, including resistance training and increasing protein intake. Past studies have examined the role of microRNA in skeletal muscle, identified ideal post exercise protein strategies using stable isotope methods and tested the effects of different resistance training and protein intake patterns on muscle mass. Future mechanistic studies will look to identify the role of muscle extra cellular matrix in regulating resistance training and age induced changes in physical function. While future clinical trials will look to test optimal exercise prescription and diet to promote increased physical function in older adults.

Potential Students

My appointment commences January 1, 2019. Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or post-doctoral fellowship are encouraged to contact me at the email address above. Students interested in both the molecular biology of exercise and more applied exercise and nutritional interventions are welcome. Undergraduate students interested in 4th year research projects are also encouraged to contact me.