UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan One Year Anniversary

The UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan was launched one year ago!

The Plan outlines eight goals and 43 actions the university will collectively take to advance its vision of UBC as a leading university globally in the implementation of Indigenous peoples’ human rights.

Many faculties and units have made impressive starts to their implementation of the plan. Read their stories: https://isp.ubc.ca/implementation/impact-stories/

The UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan has just launched its new website! Find everything you need to know about the ISP process, implementation tools and resources, impact stories, funding and more: https://isp.ubc.ca

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New Indigenous Strategic Initiatives (ISI) Fund is now open! Up to $4 million are available for students, faculty and staff projects across both UBCV and UBCO campuses. Find out more on the new ISP website: https://isp.ubc.ca/implementation/isi-fund/

Are you a faculty or staff member? Are you thinking about applying for an Indigenous Strategic Initiatives grant? If so, sign up to an ISP Implementation Toolkit workshop. The ISP Toolkit is a prerequisite for all faculty and staff funding applications: https://isp.ubc.ca/implementation/implementation-tools-resources/

Student-led projects are an integral part of the Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Fund. UBC students: help implement the ISP and advance Indigenous peoples’ human rights at UBC. Student-led projects are eligible for up to $50k per project! https://isp.ubc.ca/implementation/isi-fund/funding-streams/stream-3-student-led-projects/
“Nothing about us, without us!” The Indigenous Strategic Plan Guiding Network is a new, innovative and Indigenous-led approach to implementing the ISP at UBC. Find out more about the various committees and where you fit in: https://isp.ubc.ca/foundations/guiding-network/

Sign up to an ISP Implementation Toolkit workshop and learn how you can move meaningful reconciliation forward in your unit: https://isp.ubc.ca/implementation/implementation-tools-resources/