2022W Registration – Important Tips!

The following content may be updated leading up to the 2022W registration period. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at kin.advising@ubc.ca (including your FULL NAME & UBC STUDENT NUMBER).

If you are entering Year 1 of KIN or are a new transfer student for 2022W, please refer to the New to KIN page for details on approaching 2022W registration.

Registration is around the corner! As always, you can send email inquiries to us at kin.advising@ubc.ca (just remember to always include your FULL NAME and STUDENT NUMBER in order for us to assist you!). Please note that our phone lines will be closed.
We would like to go over important points that will hopefully make this process clearer for you:

Waitlists for KIN Courses

If you email us at kin.advising@ubc.ca to request to be added to a full KIN waitlist, we will be looking at requests in the order they were received and based on priority of registration leading up to the start of classes for that term.

Remember that being on the waitlist or emailing a request does not guarantee you a seat in the course, so we would recommend having backup plans just in case. Once you are added to a waitlist or have emailed in your request, it is your responsibility to monitor your SSC leading up to the start of the course to see if you’ve been added (see ‘Registered Courses vs. Worklists’ below), as you will not receive an email notification if you are added to a course from a waitlist.

Registered Courses vs. Worklists

Remember that adding or dropping a course from your Worklist does not reflect your official registered courses! To see what you are currently registered for, make sure to select under the top tab Registration > Registered Courses.

Do Not Use Degree Navigator – Request a Program/Grad Check

If you are unsure of your degree progress or what credits you have left to complete your degree, do not use Degree Navigator. Instead, fill out a Program/Grad Check Request form and we will email you a PDF copy of your updated program sheet.

If you are planning to apply for May 2023 graduation, we recommend that you request a final program/grad check after you have finalized your course registration for 2022W to ensure that you are eligible.

Credit/D/Fail option

For advising purposes, Credit/D/Fail must be discussed with and approved by a KIN academic advisor. Students should request an advising appointment and receive approval before selecting this option for a course.

Details in Section Comments on the SSC

Please make sure to carefully read the ‘Section Comments’ for courses, as these often provide important details about the course, waitlist procedures, and registration.

Upper-Level KIN Courses with Prereqs

For upper-level KIN courses with specific prerequisites listed (e.g., KIN 140 or KIN 284), you may receive a warning when you test your registration. Note that this is a warning notice, but you should still be able to register when your registration opens up. Although unlikely, if you continue to have errors once your registration is open, please contact us at kin.advising@ubc.ca to inquire.

Time Conflicts – Not Allowed

Regardless of whether or not a course is online and taught asynchronously, you are not able to take courses that have time conflicts.

Problems Registering for Non-KIN Courses

If you are experiencing difficulty registering for a non-KIN course, please contact the respective unit for that course to inquire. We do not have control over registration for non-KIN courses.

You can also find many more detailed answers to your questions on the KIN website, particularly under our Advising FAQs page. If you have any additional questions, please make sure to email us at kin.advising@ubc.ca (with your FULL NAME and STUDENT NUMBER).

Thank you, and we hope that all goes well with your registration!


The KIN Advising Team