Course Registration

New Incoming Students for 2023W

If you are a new student entering Year 1 of KIN or are a new transfer student to KIN, please also refer to the New to KIN page for details on how to approach your 2023W registration.

Registration Dates

The date and time of your registration is determined by the grades from the previous session and your year standing in the School of Kinesiology. The year standing of a Kinesiology student is determined by the number of Kinesiology credits and non-Kinesiology credits completed in the chosen program stream. Students who have questions regarding their assigned year standing should consult the Undergraduate Advising Office.

The current dates are available on the Registration Dates page. Note that Enrolment Services will notify you of your individual date and time of registration about 1 week prior, and this will also be shown on your SSC.

Registering for Courses

Students should register for their courses by utilizing the online registration system, the Student Service Centre (SSC). If students are having difficulty registering for a KIN course for unknown reasons, you can reach out to the Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Office. Since our office does not control registration for non-KIN courses, if you are having difficulty registering for a non-KIN course, you will need to reach out to the respective unit for that course.

Registered Courses vs. Worklists

Remember that adding or dropping a course from your Worklist does not reflect your official registered courses! To see what you are currently registered for, make sure to select under the top tab Registration > Registered Courses.

Waitlists for KIN Courses

Seats in all KIN courses are initially restricted to BKIN degree students when registration opens for the Summer and Winter sessions. Students from outside the BKIN program should waitlist for any course they hope to secure a seat in. BKIN students should also waitlist in the event that their preferred course becomes full. As seats become available, students are moved manually from the waitlist into the course by the Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Office on a priority basis. In some cases, higher priority may be accorded to students in a certain year or specialization. Students are prioritized in the order of their timestamps, that is, according to the date and time that they went on the waitlist. In all cases, students must have the proper prerequisites for the course. Course instructors in the School of Kinesiology are not involved in the registration process. Please DO NOT contact instructors to assist with registration. After the first add/drop deadline, no further students will be admitted into KIN courses. Before then, our staff will move as many people from the waitlists into courses, as possible, sometimes on a daily basis in the days leading up to the add/drop deadline. PLEASE NOTE: If the waiting list is full, please check to see if seats open up as we will not be forcing students onto the waiting list. Keep in mind that our staff usually do not work at night; consequently, when it comes to the day of the add/drop deadline, the waitlists will be processed and purged earlier in the day (and not shortly before midnight).

Credit/D/Fail option

For advising purposes, Credit/D/Fail must be discussed with and approved by a KIN academic advisor. Students should fill out an Advising Request Form or email and receive approval before selecting this option for a course.

Details in Section Comments on the SSC

Please make sure to carefully read the ‘Section Comments’ for courses, as these often provide important details about the course, waitlist procedures, and registration.

Time Conflicts – Not Allowed

Regardless of whether or not a course is online and taught asynchronously, you are not able to take courses that have time conflicts.

Problems Registering for Non-KIN Courses

If you are experiencing difficulty registering for a non-KIN course, please contact the respective unit for that course to inquire. We do not have control over registration for non-KIN courses.

Do Not Use Degree Navigator – Request a Program/Grad Check

If you are unsure of your degree progress or what credits you have left to complete your degree, do not use Degree Navigator. Instead, fill out a Program/Grad Check Request form and we will email you a PDF copy of your updated program sheet.

If you are planning to apply for graduation after the session you have registered in, we recommend that you request a final program/grad check after you have finalized your course registration to ensure that you are eligible.

Transfer Credits

Students who have transferred in to UBC KIN should contact the Undergraduate Advising Office to get clarification on if and how credits they have transferred are able to apply towards their BKin degree. A maximum of up to 60 transfer credits out of the 120 credits required for the BKin degree are allowed. A minimum of 60 credits towards the degree must be taken while registered as a UBC KIN student. Students who transfer from another faculty at UBC would have their credits taken outside of KIN considered as transfer credits.
BKin students who would like permission to take any courses outside of UBC must receive prior written approval in the form of a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Undergraduate Advising Office. Students who complete credit toward their BKin degree at another institution may obtain transfer credit from that institution only if an LOP has been obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Office.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students should carefully check the UBC Calendar on the web, School of Kinesiology course descriptions to determine the prerequisite and corequisite requirements in School of Kinesiology courses.

Students who register in a course without having successfully completed any prerequisite course work may be removed from the course.

Failed Courses

No failed course may be repeated more than once without special permission obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Office. The School of Kinesiology does not offer supplemental examinations.

Changing Program Stream

Students who wish to change their program stream can contact the Undergraduate Advising Office or fill out an Advising Request Form to inquire.
For any additional questions not answered here, please contact the Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Office.