Course Registration Info

2022W Registration Updates:

For students entering Years 2, 3, and 4 of KIN, you can refer to the 2022W Registration – Important Tips!.
If you are a new student entering Year 1 of KIN or are a new transfer student to KIN, please refer to the New to KIN page for details on how to approach your 2022W registration.

Registration Dates

The date of your registration, as indicated by the Registrar’s Office, is determined by the grades from previous session and your year standing in the School of Kinesiology. The year standing of a Kinesiology student is determined by the number of Kinesiology credits and non-Kinesiology credits completed in the chosen program stream. Students who have questions regarding their assigned year standing should consult the Undergraduate Advising Office.

The current dates are available on the Registration Dates page. Note that Enrolment Services will notify you of your individual date and time of registration about 1 week prior, and this will also be shown on your SSC.

Registering for Courses

Students should register for their courses by utilizing the online registration system, the Student Service Centre (SSC). Students who are unable to access their SSC via the internet should seek assistance from the Undergraduate Advising Office.

In order to log in to the on-line registration system, students will require a Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account. If you do not have a CWL account yet, please visit the Student Service Centre (SSC), click ‘Login’ and enter in your Student Number and SSC password. This will allow you to create a CWL account if you do not have one already.

Waiting List Registration

If you email us at to request to be added to a full KIN waitlist, we will be looking at requests in the order they were received and based on priority of registration leading up to the start of classes for that term.

Remember that being on the waitlist or emailing a request does not guarantee you a seat in the course, so we would recommend having backup plans just in case. Once you are added to a waitlist or have emailed in your request, it is your responsibility to monitor your SSC leading up to the start of the course to see if you’ve been added (see ‘Registered Courses vs. Worklists’ below), as you will not receive an email notification if you are added to a course from a waitlist.

Withdrawing from a Course

Authorization from the course instructor and the Undergraduate Advising Office is required to drop courses after posted withdrawal dates. Requests will not be considered without a rationale.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students should carefully check the UBC Calendar on the web, School of Kinesiology course descriptions to determine the prerequisite and corequisite requirements in School of Kinesiology courses.

Students who register in a course without having successfully completed any prerequisite course work may be removed from the course.

Failed Courses

No failed course may be repeated more than once without special permission obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Office. The School of Kinesiology does not offer supplemental examinations.

Changing Program Stream

Students who wish to change their program stream must meet with an Undergraduate Advisor. Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office or fill out an Advising Request Form to arrange an appointment.

Lower (Junior)/Upper (Senior) Credits

Lower level credits: courses numbered 100 or 200.

Upper level credits: courses numbered 300 or 400.

Note: lower level credits cannot be used to satisfy upper level credit requirements.


For advising purposes, Credit/D/Fail must be discussed with and approved by a KIN academic advisor. Students should request an advising appointment and receive approval before selecting this option for a course.

Transfer Credits

BKin students who wish permission to take any courses outside of UBC must receive prior written approval from the Undergraduate Advising Office. Students who complete credit toward their BKin degree at another institution may obtain transfer credit from that institution only if prior written permission has been obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Office.