Dates & Deadlines

Here you can find some of the important dates and deadlines to keep in mind throughout the academic year.

Please click on the links below for more detailed information on each.

Dates & Deadlines (Student Services)

Provides an overview of term dates, holidays, tuition and fee deadlines, general withdrawal date deadlines for most courses, graduation application deadlines, and more.

Dates & Deadlines (Academic Calendar)

Provides an overview of term dates, midterm breaks, and final exam season dates.

Registration Dates (Student Services)

Provides an overview of registration dates for upcoming Winter and Summer sessions.

Tuition Refund Dates (Student Services)

Provides an explanation of tuition refund dates and policies. You can also contact your Enrolment Services Advisor or Enrolment Services for more information.

Graduation Dates & Deadlines

Includes dates for graduation ceremonies, and deadlines for gown rentals, guest ticket registration, and so on.