Dual Degrees

BKIN + Master of Management (MM)

For information and application, visit Sauder’s Bachelor and Master of Management Dual Degree.

BKIN + Bachelor of Education (BEd)


The development of dual degree opportunities is intended to engage students in the study of teacher education early in their academic career with a view to:

      • Providing an opportunity to confirm interest in teaching
      • Developing a teaching context within which academic studies will take place
      • Creating a frame of reference for students to consider learning completed during academic studies in Physical Education

Benefits for Students:

      • Students complete the requirements for two degrees, BKin and BEd Secondary, over a period of 5 years
      • Students engage in teacher education earlier thereby confirming interest in and commitment to teaching
      • Students gain experience and knowledge about the context of teaching to inform their academic studies
      • Students finish both degrees with less credit requirements, as there is some reduction in total credits required for completion when compared to the traditional 4+1 post-degree option. This reduces tuition costs for students
      • Students finish earlier than the traditional 4+1 post degree option.
      • Students are eligible to apply for BC Provincial Teaching Certificate upon successful completion
      • Students have the option of terminating BEd studies during the process, but remain eligible for completion of their initial degree


      • Students apply during Term 2, Year 2
      • Both faculties must approve the application
      • A minimum 65% GPA in work to date is required – This GPA in academic studies must be maintained in order to remain active in the Dual Degree program
      • Some Summer Session study is required in Years 2-5 [Term 1 only]
      • Both faculties agree to accept as elective credits designated courses from the partner faculty.
      • Students must complete both degree programs to graduate from either, unless they terminate their BEd studies, in which case they can complete the normal BKin degree requirements

Important Links:

Bachelor of Education Viewbook: Check out p. 24 on the view book for more information about teacher education at UBC.

Check out BEd Dual Degree for information and links for contacting a BEd admissions advisor.
Download the Dual Degree BKin/BEd Application Form