Exam Hardship or Clash

Your final exam schedule will be available early in the term. You can find your final exam schedule by logging into the Student Service Centre (SSC) or on the Student Services Exam website.


Exam Hardship: Final exam hardship occurs when you’ve been scheduled to write three or more final exams within 24 hours (start to finish).

Exam Clash: Final exam clash occurs when two or more of your final exams are scheduled at the same time.


If you have an exam clash or hardship, notify your instructors as soon as possible, and no later than one month before the final exam, to determine if an alternate time to write is available.

For an exam clash, if neither instructor can accommodate a different exam time, you will need to complete the Daytime Exam Clash form available from Enrolment Services. Enrolment Services will arrange for you to write the examinations back-to-back on the original examination date, under supervision. If your exam clash occurs during an evening exam, weekend exam, or the Summer Session, the instructor is responsible for resolving the clash.

Note that this policy is in place for final exams only that take place during the official examination period, and not for regular testing within the course schedule.

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