Minor in Arts

An acceptable program must comprise courses in the Faculty of Arts that are for credit towards a Bachelor of Arts degree and consists of 18 upper-level credits in a single subject field or specialization. Students should design a coherent, academically sound course of studies for their program Minor, which must be approved by the Kinesiology Advising office once you are third year standing. All courses must be acceptable for a Bachelor of Arts Major in the proposed subject area or field, but a student is not bound by the other requirements that the Faculty of Arts sets for a Major or Minor in the field.

Note that the 18 credits must be percentage-graded, and cannot be taken as Credit/D/Fail.

Students who wish to pursue a Minor in Arts should be aware of the prerequisites for many of the upper-level courses (300/400-level) in Arts.

Students who wish to pursue further studies in the Faculty of Education should be aware that courses which are acceptable for an Arts Minor may not necessarily meet the requirements for a teaching concentration in the Faculty of Education.

Upon successful completion of the Minor program, the notation of “Minor in Arts” will be added to the student’s transcript.

Any further questions may be directed to the KIN Advising Office by phone at 604.822.4512 or by email at kin.advising@ubc.ca.

BKIN Minor in Arts Application Form

  • Please note that applicants must carefully read through the details of the Minor and its requirements above before filling out the following application form.
    You would need to apply for the Minor before you apply for graduation on your SSC.
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  • Courses for the Minor

    Please type in the course code and number for the upper-level (300/400-level) 18 credits in one area of specialization. Select the plus sign (+) to add more courses to your list.
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