Program/Grad Check Request

As Degree Navigator is not compatible with the KIN degree, students should request a Program Check from the KIN Advising Office by filling out the form below to see their progress on their degree.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are new to KIN for the 2020W session (starting in September 2020 as a first-year student or new transfer student) and have not yet had your first advising appointment, we recommend that you book an appointment speak with an advisor over a Skype video call and go over your program sheet and other important details. To book an appointment, please fill out an Advising Request Form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As we are currently experiencing a large volume of requests, emails, and appointments, your Program/Grad Check may be delayed. Rest assured that if your form is submitted and you receive our auto-reply as confirmation of receipt, we will get to your Program/Grad Check eventually and email it to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time.