Prospective Co-op Students

So you’re a successful student, but what about your professional job skills?

The UBC Kinesiology Co-op Program is an opportunity to build on your present success in academics and prepare you for transition to the workplace in an environment focused on learning and support.

The Co-op Program will provide training and coaching before, during, and after your work terms to ensure you are not only getting work experience, but also building understanding about workplace culture and transferrable skills.

Each work term is a full-time paid position that will provide you with experience and skills to help bridge the gap between school and work.

Kinesiology Co-op work terms are available in the following areas:

  • Fitness Instruction & Coaching
  • Health & Wellness Education
  • High Performance & Personal Training
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Research, Analysis, & Policy
  • Sport Development, Marketing, & Administration

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As a co-op student you will be well prepared professionally for your future career.

For more information on applying to the Program, please see How to Apply. If you have questions about the Co-op Program, please contact the Co-op Coordinator, Simone Longpré at or at 604-822-4794.


As a Co-op Student, you will have access to career and job skills experts who will provide support and feedback to help you determine the best path based on your interests and goals.

You will be eligible to apply to unique opportunities that allow you to apply your Kinesiology knowledge while developing soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, and client/customer service, that make you a more desirable candidate.

Many students also appreciate the opportunity to take a break from academics to explore work culture in a paid position, then return to academics refreshed for degree completion.


"From administration to working in a lab, I was not only connected to diverse job opportunities, I was also afforded real working experiences upon which I reflect to inform my own career path."

Yingying Zhao, BKIN Student on her Co-op Program experience

The Kinesiology Co-op Program will add a year to your Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. The Sample Co-op Degree Schedule shows our recommended timetable of study and work terms, however there is flexibility for you to personalize your co-op and academic plan. Three work terms are required to graduate with co-op standing, and at least one must be completed in a fall or winter term.

Prior to applying for your first work term, you will be required to participate in Co-op Pre-Employment Training that prepares you to search for, apply to, and succeed in jobs. This training is completed during the school year and your first work term is typically in the summer following your entrance to the program.

Sample Co-op Degree Schedule

Bachelor of Kinesiology FALL (Sept-Dec) WINTER (Jan-Apr) SUMMER (May-Aug)
Year 1 Study Study Vacation
Year 2 (Junior) Study Study Work Term #1
Year 3 (Intermediate) Work Term #2 Study Work Term #3
Year 4 (Senior) Study Work term #4* Work Term #5*
Year 5 (Senior) Study Study Ready to Work!


Pre-Employment Training
Once you have been accepted to the program, you will participate in a series of workshops that will provide you with the skills needed to secure your co-op work terms. You will learn how to write a professional resume and cover letter, how to conduct a successful job search, develop your interview skills, and prepare for entering the workplace.
Job Search and Co-op Advising
Your job search will include applying to a variety of jobs, interviewing with employers, and seeking an appropriate job fit through advising with co-op staff. Staff coaching will also include individual work term planning sessions to personalize your co-op experience.
Work Term Experience
While on a work term, you will take a break from your studies and focus on furthering your career. Completion of a variety of assignments will expand your understanding of being in the workplace for both this and future positions. Co-op staff will continue to help you make the most of your experience and navigate problems that may arise.
Continued Professional Development Opportunities
Throughout your co-op experience, you will receive notice of volunteer and part-time opportunities, professional development workshops, and networking and mentorship events, all to support you on the bridge from academics to your future career.

Your Fees in Action

The Kinesiology Co-op Office provides year-round facilities, full-time staffing and support for the administration of the Program. Your fees are used for covering the costs directly related to the effective management and promotion of the Kinesiology Co-op Program.

In turn, you benefit from the many services we provide, including:

  • Pre-employment training such as self- and skill-assessments during your first year in the Co-op Program;
  • One-on-one professional resume and cover letter review and assistance;
  • Personal consultations in interview preparation and presenting yourself professionally; including a mock interview and assessment;
  • Access to exclusive job postings on Symplicity, an online recruitment system for Kinesiology Co-op students and employers;
  • Assistance with your independent job search;
  • Coordination of job postings, interview bookings, ranking and matching process on behalf of students and employers;
  • Marketing the benefits of Co-operative Education and the strengths of School of Kinesiology students;
  • Developing work sector contacts locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Employment skill training and coaching as needed during your entire co-op career;
  • Support during your co-op work terms, including assistance in resolving workplace issues; and
  • Evaluation of your co-op work term including marking of assignments and on-site visits with your work supervisor.

Your Return on Investment

Comparatively, professional resume services typically cost $100 to $400 for a resume and cover letter review. Headhunters charge a fee of up to 40% of your first year’s salary. Career counselors can charge $125 per hour for interview preparation or skill assessments. Access to filtered job postings, specific to your experience level and profession, may equate to $100 a month.

The Kinesiology Co-op Program does not guarantee employment during any work term period. You are not paying for a placement service; we provide you with lifelong career management skills, resources, and connections that will improve your prospective career path. Co-op Work Term tuition is required for each four-month work term, whether the position was obtained from a job posted at the Co-op Office or through your independent networking and job searching efforts.

If you participate in Co-op, the financial return largely outweighs your investment. And, you also get a chance to participate in a Program recognized for producing experienced and employable graduates.

Students can be expected to earn entry-level salaries in the health and fitness field.

“It was the best work experience I have had the pleasure of being a part of. The fast-paced environment, coupled with the passionate staff, inspired me to pursue a career working for a professional sports team”. Allen Agco, BKIN Student, on his Co-op Program experience.

All international students are welcome to apply to the Kinesiology Co-op program.

Not only can you gain valuable work experience but you can also explore other parts of British Columbia or Canada by going on a work term outside the Vancouver area. Work terms are also available in the Vancouver area if you want to continue to enjoy the city.


For co-op, international students pay regular fees as per the UBC Calendar. Students are not required to pay for their Co-op Work Permit, however there are costs associated with the Co-op Work Permit application, including obtaining biometrics and a medical exam. These costs typically amount to about $350, paid while completing the Co-op Work Permit application.

Work Permit Information

Employment Authorization Information

In addition to a valid study permit, all international students must obtain a co-op work permit from Immigration Canada prior to going out on their first work term.

What is a Co-op work permit?

A co-op work permit can only be used for co-op jobs, and only for the designated period of co-op work terms. Please note that a co-op work permit is not the same as an off-campus work permit. Off-campus work permits cannot be used for co-op jobs and vice versa.

As work terms are an essential and integral part of a co-op student’s course of study, you would be eligible to apply for a co-op work permit through Immigration Canada.

In addition to the requirements for all visitors you must also provide a letter of support from the Co-op Office. When you get accepted into the Co-op Program, see the Co-op Coordinator about getting this letter and further details on how to apply. If you require more information you can visit

Explore what is possible with co-op! Previous co-op students share their stories and advice for future co-op students.

Harry Sidhu, BKIN

Graduating Year: 2020 Hometown: Vancouver, BC Stream: Interdisciplinary Studies Employer: CHANGE BC Position Title: Student Kinesiologist

Kassi Welch, BKIN

Graduating Year: 2019 Hometown: Richmond, BC Stream: Interdisciplinary Studies Employer: CHANGE BC Position Title: Student Kinesiologist

Fiona Brown, BKin

Graduating year: 2020 Hometown: Surrey, BC Stream: Health Science Employer: New Port Village Chiropractic Position title: Technical Chiropractic Assistant

Chariisa YU, BKin

Graduating year: 2019 Hometown: Richmond, BC Stream: Bkin Interdisciplinary Stream Employed by: Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) Position: Project Worker

Stanley Chow, BKin

Graduating year: May 2020
Hometown: Singapore
Stream: Bkin Interdisciplinary Stream
Employed by: Vancouver Summer Program
Position: Program Assistant

Allen Agco, Bkin

Graduating year: May 2017
Hometown: Richmond, BC
Employed by: 
UBC Athletics and Recreation and FC Vancouver Whitecaps
Stream: Kinesiology