Mentee Experiences

Past Mentees

Students participating in the Mentorship Program have reported that through working with a mentor that is focused on supporting their success, they were able to leverage their strengths, build new skills and improve their confidence in talking about their own career development. Here’s a few tips from past mentees:


“I hesitated for two years before joining the mentorship program in my final year. After joining the program, I learned to be more proactive in creating and finding learning opportunities for my career development. If you are on the fence of joining this program, do not be afraid to make mistakes. This mentorship program is the best opportunity for us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and create meaningful connections before we have to do it on our own once we graduate.”

Suzanne Ng

Mentee, BKIN 2020, 2019/20 cohort

“Be open to meeting new people and exploring that relationship with your mentor. You never know what connections you may find.”

Janny Chan

Mentee, BKIN 2019, 2018/19 cohort

“Joining the mentorship program was such a valuable experience in so many ways. Not only was I able to connect and learn with an amazing mentor who has become a huge inspiration to me, but I was also constantly challenged to explore my passions and develop my professional skills. Being intentional about reflecting on both the positive and negative is something that will definitely continue to guide me throughout my career.”

Christy Wee

Mentee, BKIN 2020, 2019/20 cohort

“You will be provided with tons of resources including people to help you reach your goals. There is nothing to lose, so why not give it a try!”

Meg Hung

Student mentee IKDN, 2019/20 cohort

“It’s always interesting to talk to someone who has significantly more experience than you, and you can learn from their challenges as well as your own.”

Sebastian Lee

Mentee, BKIN 2019, 2018/19 cohort

“It was an eye-opening experience! I learned a lot as there is definitely information that students may not know due to limited experience in the field, and so this program is a good opportunity!”

Liane Tang

Mentee IKDN, 2019/20 cohort

“I loved the fact that I was able to connect with other mentees and their mentors during the welcome event, allowing me to expand my professional network. Having gone through the mentorship program twice during my time at UBC, I found that performing an informational interview benefited me the most as I was able to exercise my interviewing skills and learn more about the profession of my chosen interviewee. In addition, more-experienced professionals in the field may ask you questions you may have never thought about and can help you shape what you want your career goal to look like. If you ask me, I think it’s a win-win to participate in the mentorship program!”

Stephanie Yu

Mentee, BKIN 2020, 2019/20 cohort

“The mentorship program has been so, so helpful to me this past year, in that I was able to have someone who understood the struggles of going through undergrad (specifically in Kin) and who was selfless in sharing their own experiences.”

Sabrina Hou

Mentee, BKIN 2020, 2018/19 cohort