Alumni Mentor

Share your story, make connections and experience the intrinsic reward of giving back to the next generation of leaders in Kinesiology.

Mentor Experiences

“Mentoring reminds me of how passionate I am of my work, and how excited I am to share my knowledge. One of the best assets a mentor can provide is the real-life applicable wisdom beyond the textbooks.” Ling Pai, mentor, BHK 2007, Pulse Cardiac Centre

“I always look back fondly at my time at UBC as and undergrad and graduate student. The Mentoring program allows me to stay connected with the School of Kinesiology, from afar, while helping to gain terrific insight into the next generation of leaders in this field. As a Mentor, I’d argue that I get just as much out of the connection as the Mentee.”Atila Ozkaplan, mentor, BHK 2001, NBC Olympics.

This program has provided me with a window into the dreams, fears and challenges of graduating students as they make the transition from the classroom to life beyond. It’s always rewarding to gain perspective and share insights with every mentee.”Sush Raj, mentor, BHK 1995, Kerrisdale Notary

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Why become a Mentor?

  • Share your career story and experiences with mentees
  • Develop and strengthen your leadership, coaching and mentoring skills by practicing active listening, asking good questions, and helping your mentee set and progress towards their goals
  • Experience the intrinsic reward of giving back and supporting the next generation of
    leaders in Kinesiology
  • Develop and maintain connections with the School of Kinesology and UBC
  • Contribute to fostering a community of mentorship that values service and giving back
  • Learn different perspectives and ideas to help support your own professional development

Program Expectations

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are recruiting up to 40 alumni mentors for the 2023/24 program from diverse backgrounds. While prior participation and involvement in the program is a benefit, mentor selection will be guided upon the career interests and industry preferences of the mentees.  The most sought after professions include: Healthcare, Rehabilitation, Entrepreneurship, Sport Management, Sport Performance Training, Community Recreation, Teaching, Coaching (Executive or Sport).

We believe that student mentees can learn a significant amount from mentors, regardless of their career interests. While the matches between mentors and mentees combine factors such as career or field interest and match suitability, other factors such as learning objectives and personal interests are also taken into consideration to complete the matching process.

While the Mentorship Program will be hosted primarily in person this year, there will be some space for those who can only engage virtually. Please don’t hesitate to apply should you live outside of Vancouver.

Prior to the start of the program, you will participate in a mentor orientation session where we'll cover the format of the program, the mentee career development activities, as well as the program Canvas site that hosts all of the program resources. Throughout the program you are encouraged to reach out to the Program Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

You will be matched with 1-2 mentees, depending on the amount of mentee applications we receive.