How-to Workday Student

Workday Student has arrived, and with it, our support guide to help you navigate it seamlessly. Discover video tutorials and step-by-step guides to familiarize yourself with this new student information system, and join us in our virtual help sessions to receive live answers to any questions you may have.

Learn how to plan out your courses before registration begins.

Be aware of the prerequisites you need to enroll in your courses.

Have you declared your stream? Here’s how to navigate APRs.

Haven’t declared your stream yet? Here’s how to navigate APRs.

Learn how to register for courses and join waitlists.

Here’s how to declare your BKIN stream.

Virtual Help Sessions

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please join us in our virtual help sessions, where our team will be on hand to provide live support and address any concerns you may have.

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Instructions for BKIN students

When a course becomes full, registration in the associated waitlist in Workday will become an option. When a seat becomes available, Workday will automatically offer it to a student who meets any restrictions on the seat, ordering students by registration date. Each offer expires after 24 hours. To accept an offer, you must be able to register for a primary or “lecture” section for the course and any secondary sections like a “lab” or “tutorial/discussion”

Instructions for non-BKIN students

Seats in all undergraduate KIN courses are initially restricted to students in the BKIN degree program at the start of the registration period. Non-BKIN students must first register in the associated waitlist section for any course they hope to be considered for a seat in. Please note that being on a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be able to secure a seat. In some cases, KIN Advising may transition restricted seats to general availability prior to the start of term but not at the request of any individual student.

Additional support

Waitlists are adjudicated automatically in Workday, and KIN Advising cannot answer questions about any individual’s position on a particular waitlist. Please do not contact instructors to assist with course registration, as they do not have access to register students.


Checking a course waitlist status and capacity

Adding yourself to the waitlist for an individual course section

Adding a course waitlist to your saved schedule

Viewing your waitlisted courses

Registering in a course from the waitlist

Degree planning

Follow the tutorials below to navigate program or degree changes in Workday.

Creating an Evaluated Academic Requirements report

Viewing your academic progress report

Student documents

Learn how to request important academic records or documents.

Downloading your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

Downloading your proof of tuition payment (Account Statement)

Check back later for new tutorials such as downloading your program completion letter, and tax forms.

UBC advisor contacts

Search for your assigned Enrolment Services Advisor or Accessibility Advisor in your Workday account.

Finding your Enrolment Services Advisor’s contact information

Finding your Accessibility Advisor’s contact information

Logging into Workday

How to login to Workday

Log in to Workday at with your Campus-wide Login (CWL). 

If you don’t have a Student CWL, you can create one after accepting your offer and receiving a student number. You can set up a Student CWL through UBC IT. If you do not have Multi-factor Authentication set up, follow instructions online, then log into Workday.

How to change or reset your CWL password

You can change your CWL password after logging in to your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) myAccount. You can also reset your CWL password if needed through the website.

For more information, read the UBC IT article for instructions and troubleshooting support.

If you forgot your student number or CWL username

Your UBCcard has your student number printed on it, which is an 8-digit number. If you’ve lost your UBCcard, you can request a new card.

If you forgot your CWL username, you can start the account recovery process or contact UBC IT.

UBC applicants or alumni

If you’re an undergraduate applicant who has just applied to UBC, please log into the Applicant Service Centre to access your application status and information.

Workday is not available to UBC alumni. If you’re looking to order a transcript or replacement document, please follow the instructions online.