*closed* 2020/21W Term 2 Extended Withdrawal with a ‘W’ Deadline

This option is for courses currently being taken in Term 2 (January 2021 – April 2021) of the 2020/21W (Winter) session.

The UBC Vancouver Senate has approved a motion to extend the deadline to withdraw from a Term 2 course with a ‘W’ until 11:59pm PST on Wednesday April 14th, 2021 or the last day of class, whichever is earlier.

Withdrawing from a course until March 12th at 11:59pm PST:

Students can withdraw from a course(s) through their SSC (Student Service Centre) under Registration > Add/Drop Courses. We strongly encourage students to only withdraw from course(s) after reading all information provided on this page (including FAQs) and after careful consideration of your individual situational factors.

Withdrawing from a course between March 13th – April 14th:

KIN students can fill out the withdrawal form that will be made available at the bottom of this page in order to request a withdrawal with a ‘W’. Again, we strongly encourage students to only withdraw from course(s) after reading all information provided on this page and after careful consideration of your individual situational factors.

Students who fill out a form between March 13th – April 14th should receive an email confirmation that their form was submitted, and continue to keep an eye on their SSC in the weeks that follow to see that they have been withdrawn with a ‘W’.

Past the extended deadline of April 14th, students will not be given the option to withdraw from their courses.


  1. Students must request to withdraw from a course through their home faculty, regardless of which faculty may be delivering the course. KIN students can proceed to fill out the form below between March 13th – April 14th or contact kin.advising@ubc.ca with any questions.
  2. Students with valid grounds may be eligible to apply for another type of academic concession if appropriate. Please refer to the Academic Concession page to see if deferral of coursework or a deferred final exam is appropriate for your extenuating circumstance. This may be a better option for some students and situations. If you are unsure which option is best for your situation, please contact kin.advising@ubc.ca.
  3. Withdrawing from a course by the revised deadline will mean that you have a ‘W’ standing on your academic record instead of a grade and you will not be granted credit for the course.
  4. Withdrawing from a course now will not result in a tuition refund, as tuition refund deadlines remain separate.
  5. If the course you intend to drop is a core required course for your degree, you will need to retake it at a future date. If the course you intend to drop is a prerequisite for another course, you will not be eligible to take the next course until you have successfully completed the prerequisite. Since this may affect your progression in the degree significantly, please contact kin.advising@ubc.ca if you intend to drop a core required KIN course.
  6. You cannot reverse your decision at any point after you have withdrawn from a course or submitted your form.



Withdrawing from a course impacts your total course load, which in turn could impact your eligibility for housing, student loans, scholarships, awards, and prizes, Post Graduation Work Permits, and other processes or considerations. If you’re unsure if your new course load will suffice to maintain your eligibility in these areas, check the website for Housing or Enrolment Services or the Academic Calendar (or other sites) to confirm, and if you still have questions, reach out to the relevant office or kin.advising@ubc.ca.

Note: if you anticipate you are likely to fail a course if you stay in it, the failed standing may have different impacts than a withdrawn standing on the processes noted above. If you’re in this situation, we recommend reviewing the relevant website to learn more.

No, there is no percentage-grade associated with a 'W', and you will not receive any credits for the course. The course will still be listed on your academic history, but will have a 'W' standing (for 'Withdrawal') notation. Since no percentage-grade is associated with the course, your overall average will not be affected.

Requesting to withdraw from a core first- or second-year KIN course may result in failing to meet the eligibility requirements to be promoted to the next year standing for the following winter session. While this often does not prevent you from continuing and retaking the course in Term 1 of the 2021W session, it can significantly impact your 2021W registration and overall timeline for your degree.

For this reason, if you are considering dropping a core required KIN course, please contact kin.advising@ubc.ca.

For students in first-year who withdraw from WRDS 150B, a reminder that you will need to re-take this course and have it successfully completed by the end of the winter session of your second-year.

If you are a second-year student who is considering dropping WRDS 150B, please contact kin.advising@ubc.ca before dropping the course or filling out the form.

If the course that you are choosing to withdraw from is part of the requirements for your degree (e.g., the 120 credits required for your program, the 18 upper-level credits required for a Minor), you will likely need to withdraw your graduation application and will not be able to graduate in May 2021. Please reach out to kin.advising@ubc.ca to inquire further.

We cannot confirm how withdrawing with a 'W' standing will be assessed by professional/graduate programs that students may apply to in the future. Please consult with the individual professional/graduate program(s) that you hope to apply to in future before withdrawing on your SSC or filling out the form below.

Yes, you will generally be allowed to retake a course in the future for a percentage-grade. However, for non-KIN courses, we recommend that you consult with the respective department for the course to inquire about what the registration process would be like for those scenarios, as well as with your potential professional/graduate programs to determine how this may be assessed during your future application.

No. This is a one-time exception that only applies to courses taken at this time in Term 2 of the 2020W session only (January 2021 - April 2021). If a student submits a form to receive a 'W' for a course between March 13th to April 14th, they will not be able to reverse or backdate this request at any time later on.

No, students are no longer able to request to Credit/D/Fail courses and the deadline for this has passed.

No, students will not receive a tuition refund as we are mainly providing this option with the hope to support students concerned with their academic performance due to COVID-19. The original tuition refund deadlines still stand.

** Please direct all additional inquiries to the KIN Advising Office at kin.advising@ubc.ca (include your UBC student number in order for us to assist you).

Please make sure that you should only proceed to fill out the form below after reading all information provided on this page (including FAQs) and after careful consideration of your individual situational factors.
You should receive an email copy of the form upon submission.
Please be sure to type in your email correctly, and check that your email account can receive emails from kin.advising@ubc.ca and does not go to your ‘Junk’ folder.
Once your request has been processed in the following weeks, you should be able to see a ‘W’ standing for the requested course on your SSC.


The deadline to apply has now passed and this application form is closed.