COVID-19 Academic Concession Options for 2019 Winter Term 2 – Credit/D/Fail or Withdrawal *now closed*

Sent by email to students on March 26, 2020

Dear Kinesiology Undergraduate students,

We recognize that the past days and weeks have been particularly stressful for you as you have transitioned to online learning, adjusted to physical distancing, and perhaps moved home. To support you in this exceptional time, we recognize the need for more flexibility in our grading scheme to ease academic requirements for you related to your final grades for courses.

The School of Kinesiology will be offering students a ‘Choice’ in final grades for each course. For this term only, you can choose to receive a percentage grade, or you can choose to be evaluated on a Credit/ D/ Fail basis or you can choose to Withdraw (W) from a course. This applies to final grades for courses after completion of final exams in April 2020, regardless of which faculty (e.g., Arts) may be delivering a specific course.

For whole-course or final exam/project concessions, the Kinesiology Academic Advising is the point of contact:

How to proceed:

  • Continue with your scheduled online classes until the end of the term and follow instructions of your professor for each of your courses.
  • Follow your professor’s instructions for FINAL EXAMS for each course. The format of exams may vary for each course.
  • Final grades for the entire course will be posted as usual within 5-7 days after your final exam.
  • Once you see your final grade in a course, you can decide whether you want to:
    1. Keep the grade (eg. 82% A), you received for the course. In this case you need not take any action. The grade will be processed through the system as usual, OR
    2. Choose Credit/D or F standing
      • Credit- assigned when grade is 55% or higher. Degree credit earned.
      • D -assigned when grade is 50-54%. Degree credit earned.
      • F -assigned when grade below 50%. No degree credit earned. OR
    3. Withdraw from course and accept “W” on your transcript (no course credit, no tuition refund). Withdrawal (W; no $ refund) can be selected even if you have an F (fail).

You can submit a Concession Form below to select concessions 2 or 3 above between April 22 and May 6, 2020. [Revised dates: April 30 – May 10 *see form at the bottom of this page*]

We remain committed to your academic success. I encourage you to consult with your instructors/advisors. Further information shared in the UBC Life blog can help identify facts from fiction related to COVID, recent changes, and recommendations.

Dr. Robert Boushel
Professor and Director
School of Kinesiology
The University of British Columbia


No, you would not need to do any action on your SSC. Instead, please proceed to fill out the form below once it is available between April 30th - May 10th after reading all information and FAQs provided on this page.

While the original policies for Credit/D/Fail standing on the academic calendar state that "No more than twelve (12) credits with Credit or D standing may be applied towards any such degree program and no more than six (6) credits may be attempted as Cr/D/F in any one session," courses selected as Credit/D/Fail (as per this COVID-19 update for this Term 2 of the 2019W session, January 2020 - April 2020) will not be counted towards your overall Credit/D/Fail total for your degree.

Your sessional average will be calculated using all of your percentage-graded courses from both Term 1 and Term 2 of the 2019W session (September 2019 - April 2020). Courses selected as Cr/D/F or W will not affect your sessional average.

Courses selected as Cr/D/F or W will not be considered during the calculation of your graduation average, and we will look to consider only your percentage-graded upper-level courses.

Yes, courses that you select as Cr/D/F as per this policy for Term 2 of the 2019W session only (January 2020 - April 2020) will be accepted for KIN courses (including core courses), courses used towards a Minor, and/or courses being used to fulfill Science requirements within the Kinesiology & Health Science (KINH) stream.

Yes, courses that you select as Cr/D/F as per this policy for Term 2 of the 2019W session only (January 2020 - April 2020) will be accepted towards the minimum 48 credits of upper-level (300/400-level) requirements for your degree (this would include the 30 credits of upper-level KIN required for the IDKN, KINH, or PEDH streams).

Given that this situation is unprecedented, we cannot confirm at this time how requesting concession in the form of Credit/D/Fail or Withdrawn standing will be assessed by professional/graduate programs that students may apply to in the future. That being said, please consult with the individual professional/graduate program(s) that you hope to apply to in future before filling out the form below.

Yes, you will generally be allowed to retake a course in the future for a percentage-grade. However, for non-KIN courses, we recommend that you consult with the respective department for the course to inquire about what the registration process would be like for those scenarios, as well as with your potential professional/graduate programs to determine how this may be assessed during your future application.

No. This is a one-time exception that only applies to courses taken at this time in Term 2 of the 2019W session only (January 2020 - April 2020). If a student submits a form to receive Cr/D/F or a W for a course between April 22nd to May 6th, they will not be able to request a change for the course to return to a percentage-grade at any time later on.

We ask that if you are considering a W standing for any of your core 1st or 2nd year KIN courses and/or ENGL 112/WRDS 150 for this term (January 2020 - April 2020) to please reach out to KIN Advising at before submitting your request so that an advisor can speak to your individual situation and further course planning actions (be sure to include your UBC student number in your email).

No, students will not receive a tuition refund as we are mainly providing this option with the hope to support students concerned with their academic performance due to COVID-19.

** Please direct all additional inquiries to the KIN Advising Office at (include your UBC student number in order for us to assist you).

Please make sure that you should only proceed to fill out the form below after reading all information provided on this page (including FAQs) and after careful consideration of your individual situational factors.
You should receive an email copy of the form upon submission.
Please be sure to type in your email correctly, and check that your email account can receive emails from and does not go to your ‘Junk’ folder.
Once your request has been processed, you should be able to see a Cr/D/F or W standing for the requested course on your SSC.

This form is now closed. (Deadline: 11:59PM (PST) on Sunday, May 10th)