Supporting Students

Robert F. Osborne Memorial Award

A $4,785 award has been endowed in memory of Dr. Robert F. Osborne’s outstanding service as coach, teacher and administrator during his 33 years as a faculty member at UBC, 27 of them as Director of the School of Physical Education and Recreation. The award is available to undergraduate students entering the final year of the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree who have exhibited excellence in academics, athletics, and service in sport and recreation. The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Kinesiology. Due to the generous support of donors, this memorial award continues to be given out.

School of Kinesiology/Physical Education Alumni Scholarships

One or more scholarships totaling $4,895 have been endowed by alumni of the School. The scholarships are made on the recommendation of the School of Kinesiology, to undergraduate students in the B.H.K. program who have displayed academic achievement, leadership and competency in their field of specialization. Students are notified of this and other Kinesiology scholarships by October and are honored at an Awards ceremony in November.

School of Kinesiology Physical Education Bursary

Thanks to the continued support of our Physical Education and Kinesiology Alumni we are able to offer a needs based bursary to current Kinesiology students. This bursary is needs based and is the only specific Kinesiology bursary awarded by Student Aid & Financial Assistance.

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