Community Resources and Opportunities

BodyWorks is an integral part of the School’s strategic plan to advance and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge that fosters community health and wellbeing through physical activity, physical literacy, and sport. We encourage you to view and share the information below.

The Mechanical and Metabolic Cost of Breathing During Exercise Across Age and Sex

The UBC Health and Integrative Physiology lab is conducting an exercise study looking at the mechanical and metabolic costs of breathing across age and sex. We are currently recruiting healthy males and females ages 55-75 for our study. Participants will be ask to attend at least 3 experimental visits and will be given a detailed summary report of their pulmonary function and cardio-aerobic fitness at the end of the study. For more information please contact Shalaya Kipp at More information is also available here.

Seniors Covid-19 Pandemic and Exercise  Trial

The trial is being conducted by Dr. Mark Beauchamp (Director of the Psychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Lab at the University of British Columbia) and colleagues.Our goal is to assess whether exercising with other older adults as part of a socially connected (but physically distanced) exercise program, or a personal exercise program, will significantly improve the well-being and health of older adults (aged 65 years or older) currently living in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information is available here. If you would like to participate please contact

If you are interested in participating in one of the School of Kinesiology's current research projects, please visit the School's research website to see the full list of current projects and fill out the form to indicate your interest.