Message from the Director

Dr. Robert Boushel

Physical activity is part of our human nature, our biological and cultural heritage, and is essential to health and wellbeing across the lifespan. Over the course of human history, our identities, cultures, and even our genes were shaped by high levels of physical activity. Here in BC, robust physical activity was part of Indigenous Peoples everyday life and cultural orientation. In modern times, it has become more challenging for Canadians to maintain sufficient daily physical activity to optimize health. The School’s outstanding scholars are addressing these challenges through research and knowledge transfer across disciplines of history, sociology, culture, psychology, biology, and medicine.

The School has an international reputation of research excellence in diverse areas of Kinesiology including the physiology of exercise, sport and exercise medicine, neuromechanical regulation of posture, gait and balance, motor skill acquisition and physical literacy, the psychology and behavioural factors underlying physical activity and sport participation, equity and inclusion, identity and self-image, sport, society and sustainability, and Olympism and high performance coaching. The multidisciplinary research activity within the School and our local and international collaborative networks has fostered a thriving scholarly environment and citizenship that is committed to improving the lives of Canadians.

The School provides a rich learning and mentoring environment and unique community culture, attracting a growing number of talented domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students interested in the exciting, diverse areas of study in the field of Kinesiology. Our vibrant outreach programs translate best-evidence knowledge to action in service to the community across all ages, while providing rich experiential learning opportunities for students. Our talented and dedicated staff bring a supportive professionalism across all operations of the School. With significant growth and impact of our research activity, renewal of undergraduate and graduate learning pathways, and energized community outreach, I’m looking forward to working with our talented and dedicated faculty, staff, and students helping to shape the future of the School of Kinesiology.