Alumni Stories

See what these Kin alumni are up to and what they’re doing with their Kinesiology degrees.

Abele, Natalie

Graduating year: 2015
Degree: BKin
Notably, she successfully managed the implementation of a foundational inclusion training called All Youth Matter. The program was developed by viaSport to equip sport and recreation leaders to make a difference in the lives of diverse youth in their community, and has now been delivered to over 1200 participants in more than 65 workshops around BC. From 1975 through 1986 Shelley was a member of Canada’s National team – her 12 years being the most of any BC woman in this sport.

Alexis, Joey

Graduating year: 2006
Degree: HKin
After he graduated from UBC, went to Sydney University in Australia for 6 months to play rugby in the club league. He went on to travel across more than 24 countries for 6 months.

Andrews, Shelley Winter

Graduating year: 1975
Degree: BPE
While playing for UBC 1975 through 1985 she was selected MVP, won the league sportsmanship award and was named the 1975/76 UBC female Athlete of the Year. From 1975 through 1986 Shelley was a member of Canada’s National team – her 12 years being the most of any BC woman in this sport.

Averill, Michael

Graduating year: 2006
Degree: BHK
In the past six years Michael has become a full-time musician, and has combined music, storytelling, and social and psychological wellness with a walking tour of Canada. His path has led him to a variety of community-building avenues through music and he is currently working on a project in partnership with The Rogue Folk Club called “Community of Songs.”

Babul, Shelina

Graduating year: 2001
Degree: PhD
Dr. Babul’s journey to becoming a North American leader in concussion recognition, response, management and prevention began over a decade ago. In response to this gap in knowledge, Shelina used what she had learned during her time in the School of Kinesiology and her experience as a sport injury specialist.

Bahrami, Ben

Graduating year: 2013
Degree: MKin
Ben Bahrami, a Strength and Conditioning Coach for McMaster University. He is grateful that the UBC Masters of Kinesiology allowed him to focus on his passion and believes that although his knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics improved significantly, the most valuable thing he learned was how to establish a culture as a coach.

Barnes, Bev (1951-2016)

Graduating year: 1973
Degree: BPE
Bev Barnes’ teammates and friends speak fondly of her when they refer to her as a “basketball player, coach and lunatic".

Benjamin, Katherine

Graduating year: 2008
Degree: BHK
Over the last 10 years, Katherine has worked on innovation-focused projects in Canada, Malawi, the UK, and the United States for organizations like lululemon, the City of New York, the UK’s National Health Service, and the Ontario Cabinet Office.

Bi, Mark

Graduating year: 2005
Degree: MA
Mark served Lilong New Media as Vice President of Operations. Prior to working with Lilong, Mark was Director of Operations at Relay China, a subsidiary of the advertising company Publicis Groupe – considered to be one of the top three advertising companies in the world.

Birgbrager, Alyssa

Graduating year: 2013
Degree: BKin
Alyssa currently works as an Athletic Therapist at Bishops University in Quebec. She is always excited to go to work; every day presents new challenges, fresh opportunities, and she is kept on her toes. As a certified Athletic Therapist, Alyssa provides preventative prophylactic care and emergency response in the field setting and injury assessment and rehabilitation in the clinic setting.