Alexis, Joey

Joey came to UBC KIN as a transfer student from Langara College. “My background in sport led me naturally into this field. I played soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and rugby as a kid, so when I found out that I could study the body, activity and sports, I was eager to pursue it all!”

After he graduated from UBC, went to Sydney University in Australia for 6 months to play rugby in the club league. He went on to travel across more than 24 countries for 6 months. “It was one of the best experiences of my life. I bought a Eurorail pass, went to the train station and decided where I wanted to go at the moment. My travels took me from the South Pacific, to Western and Eastern Europe and throughout Asia.” Joey says, “I implore everyone, young or old, to explore the world. See what is out there. Try new foods. Go to a café and have a conversation with someone you don’t know.”
Once Joey returned home, he enrolled at BCIT to study International Trade and Transportation. Halfway through the program, Joey decided that after completing his diploma, he would obtain the certifications to become a firefighter. He has now been a firefighter with the City of Surrey since 2013!

Joey reflects on his time as a student at UBC, “my time at UBC taught me resilience, the importance of a lifetime of fitness, and how to critically think and understand the human body as much as I could. My degree gave me the knowledge to be as prepared as possible in pursuing my career as a firefighter.” Joey’s most memorable moments at UBC occurred during his Annual trips to CAL Berkeley with the Varsity rugby team. “We played in a home and away match called The World Cup every year and it was an aggregate of both scores. In 2005, my last year, we finally hoisted the Trophy at home!” Joey was most inspired by his rugby coach, Spence McTavish. “He played a huge role in not only my success on the rugby field, but also in life. He taught me to never give up, to always keep fighting.”

Joey is also a valued member of the KIN Mentorship program. He states, “I love being able to give back to the program that gave me the tools of learning for life. I look forward to doing it for many years to come, and sharing my passion for life, travel and happiness to students!”