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BodyWorks is an Outreach Program of the UBC School of Kinesiology. Our adult-oriented facility incorporates evidence-based practices into our programs and services, in addition to facilitating ongoing education and training to UBC undergraduate and graduate students. Our student based staffing and non-competitive classes creates an enriching and supportive environment for both the older adult, staff and faculty population.


Designed and run by the School of Kinesiology, UBC BodyWorks members enjoy an inspiring, supportive community that promotes health for every body and ability. The BodyWorks philosophy of exercise program delivery is to provide unparalleled fitness programming services for adults across the age span that blend athletic training principles with chronic disease and risk management and prevention where appropriate.


To develop and deliver exceptional evidence-based fitness programs and services that educate and inspire to enhance wellbeing, while facilitating excellence in student leadership and mastery of skills.

Covid Updates



Dear BodyWorks Members,


We hope you are enjoying your summer so far and staying safe and healthy!

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in our programs. We’d like to inform you of our current status on exercise programs at UBC. The School of Kinesiology is following a phased approach for reopening and aligning with the University’s Safety Plan.


In-person classes:

We are in the process of developing safety protocols that will be reviewed by the University Safety Committee. While the situation remains fluid, we are aiming for a phased re-opening in October. Between now and October, we will provide regular updates with more specific information about program modification and registration details.


Online classes:

As our mission is to keep community engagement and student development, we are working on launching more online classes based on our successful 6-week pilot launch (changing aging and community fit). Additionally, we are evaluating online options for private training lessons.

Again, we will provide updates as soon as these decisions are developed further.


Lastly, we would value your feedback regarding reopening, in addition to understanding what best online classes and availability to offer. To provide this, please complete the online survey HERE.


As always, safety, high quality, and effective programming is our focus. If you have specific questions, please feel free to email us at


Stay safe and we will be in touch soon.


BodyWorks Staff and Management

For archived COVID update announcements: Click Here.


We offer a variety of membership and personal training options.
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Interested in participating in our specialized programs outside of the university?
Visit our Fitness Classes Page for more information about our Partner Centres, intake and registration.

Adult Programs

  • Community Fit: Twice a week class to build posture, back strength and functional conditioning
  • Spin: 45 minutes focused on improving your strength & cardio.


Older Adult Specialized Programs

Is this class right for me?

Changing Aging (65+)

60 minute class

This 65+ evidence-based program is a specialty class for older adults. It focuses on full-body strength-endurance that involves functional movements catering to activities of daily living, in addition to challenging agility, reaction time skills, core stability and mobility. Modifications are provided to accommodate different abilities and limitations.

Some exercise will take place on the floor but transitions will be limited to 1-2 per class and standing modification will be provided if required. This class will include at least 6-8 multi-joint exercises covering major muscle groups and will aim to maintain the moderate target heart rate intensity (5-6 RPE) for at least 30 minutes, or three 5 minute bouts of vigorous intensity.


Modified Changing Aging *NEW

60 minute class

This 65+ seated and supported standing (wall, chair) exercise class provides participants with a slower pace to accommodate limited mobility, stability and/or . Each exercise will include modifications for different ability levels.

This class will involve 6-8 exercises covering major muscle groups at a low to moderate exercise intensity (4-5) and ample rest periods. Participants will have their balance, core control and strength challenged. As a minimum participants should be able to rise from a chair without the assistance of their arms and stand unsupported for 30 seconds.


Fit over 50 (CA+ merged)

60 minute class

This 50+ class, now blended with Changing Aging +, involves a full-body strength-endurance focus that includes a variety of modified agility and reaction drills requiring you to work on balance, core and coordination. F050 involves light loading multi-joint movements with moderate difficulty in order to achieve a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous heart rate (6-7 RPE) or three 10 minute bouts of vigorous exercise.

Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor without difficulty but may require some modifications for some exercises to support neck/core/back. As we cover at least 8-10 multi-joint exercises, it’s important to keep a relative pace with the instructor to maintain the target heart rate intensity.


Community Fit

60 minute class

This class for all adults 18+ involves a full-body strength-endurance focus that includes a variety of agility and reaction drills requiring you to bound and complete off-centered exercises. It involves loading multi-joint movements with moderate difficulty in order to achieve a moderate to vigorous (6-7) heart rate for a , or bouts of 10 minutes of vigorous intensity.

Your core and balance will be targeted through a variety of exercises, you should be comfortable with quickly getting up and down from the floor and performing jumping drills. As we cover at least 8-10 multi-joint exercises, it’s important for you to be able to keep pace with the instructor and participants to achieve the target heart rate intensity.


Find more about 'how you will achieve your activity goals' in our  Fitness Classes

Locker Rentals

As of September 1, 2019, BodyWorks will no longer be offering free lockers with membership purchases.

We will allow those who currently have a free locker with their membership keep it until their pass expires.

After August 31, passes that expire will no longer be able to access the free locker unless it is paid for.

For any additional information please contact the registration office.

From September 1st:

Size & Time UBC Student/Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Emeriti Public
Half Locker - 4 months (1 term) $20.00 $35.00
Full Locker - 4 months (1 term) $25.00 $45.00
Half Locker - 8 months (2 terms) $35.00 $55.00
Full Locker - 8 months (2 terms) $45.00 $65.00
Half Locker - 12 months (3 terms) $50.00 $65.00
Full Locker - 12 months (3 terms) $60.00 $75.00

The School of Kinesiology’s Outreach Programs offer interactive workshops, individualized health and fitness assessments, as well as group fitness classes on-site. All of these programs are focused on building workplace health for employees and organizations within the Lower Mainland. Focused on best practices and current research, the Outreach Program’s offerings are designed to prevent health injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

UBC BodyWorks is also a proud supporter of UBC Human Resource’s Health and Wellbeing Program

UBC BodyWorks also partners with BC Psychosis Program

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