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BodyWorks is an Outreach Program of the UBC School of Kinesiology. Our adult-oriented facility incorporates evidence-based practices into our programs and services, in addition to facilitating ongoing education and training to UBC undergraduate and graduate students. Our student based staffing and non-competitive classes creates an enriching and supportive environment for both the older adult, staff and faculty population.

Announcements & Updates

Cardiovascular response to respiratory muscle loading: Effect of menopausal status in women

We are recruiting a group of healthy young and older, men and women for a study investigating the blood pressure and heart rate response to respiratory work. We aim to see the effects of menopausal status on the cardiovascular response. More details and information about eligibility is available here.. If you have any questions or are interested please contact Michael Leahy for more information:

Registration for all Summer Term (July / August) BodyWorks Virtual Fitness Classes will

OPEN on Mon June 21 at 7am

We are strongly encouraging contactless registration this term due to limited office hours. We cannot guarantee that over the phone registration will be available. In order to register online please:

  1. View and and search for all program details, to be released on Mon June 14 at 7am, in our New Online Calender
  2. Create an Online Account in our NEW Online Registration System. Please be sure your account is active and you can login prior to registration day


UBC BodyWorks

Dear BodyWorks Community,


In March 2020 all classes and memberships etc. were cancelled and / or suspended due to COVID. Many of you have already inquired and received either a pro-rated refund or credit.


If you have not yet received a credit or refund please be advised that as of Mon April 5th 2021, refunds will no longer be offered, no exceptions.


If you believe that you are still owed a refund or credit, please:

  • send an email to
  • we will then verify the information and offer either a credit or a refund
  • to receive the refund or credit you will have to first Create an Online Account in our New Online Registration System
  • all refunds will be issued by cheque and may take 4-6 weeks to process


We must receive your request prior to Mon April 5 2021 in order to get a refund. Any requests received after this date will only be offered account credits which can be used for future programs and services.


If you have any questions please contact us prior to Mon April 5th or a refund will not be an option, only a credit.


Kind Regards and Stay Safe,


UBC BodyWorks

Thank you so much for your patience while we prepare to launch registration for online BodyWorks classes.


We are excited to announce that registration will open Mon, Jan 25, starting at 7am.


We strongly encourage that you sign up for an new online registration account before January 25 to ensure a smooth registration. Phone registration cannot be guaranteed due to limited office hours, as a result of covid and UBC facility staffing protocols.


You can also view the classes being offered in our new online calendar. Further general details about how the virtual class will be delivered are also available on our website and if you scroll down below




As announced in December, BodyWorks online classes will resume again this term.

In order to register, you must create an online account, in addition to completing the online safety protocols and PARQ+ completion. Due to restricted in office hours, we are encouraging participants to register online. If you are having troubles with online registration, please contact our office at

Instructions for PARQ+ will be provided upon registration. The summary below is for those who think they might require a doctor’s clearance and appointment in order to register. All doctors’ notes, PARQ+ and applicable documents (waivers, agreements) must be submitted to the registration office email:

NEW Registration System- CREATE AN ACCOUNT

As mentioned in our December announcement, in preparation for the launch of our Winter 2021 online classes, and potentially in person personal training, we will be using a new registration system. All participants wanting to register for our online classes current and new clients will have to create a brand new account and add all family members. We encourage you to create a new client account right away so that your registration experience this January goes as smoothly as possible.

Click here to access the new system and create your account.



Fill out ParQ+ below 

Submit confirmed clearance to

Please expect a delay in response

  • No's on ParQ+: submit to:
  • Yes's on ParQ+ please have your doctor clear you for exercise & submit the doctor's note to our office via email

Please expect a delay in the PARQ+ being updated to your account for participation access. *Processing does not occur on weekends. 



What Classes Are Being Offered?

Changing Aging: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 9:00 am-10:00 am

Fit Over 50: Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00 am-10:00 am

Community Fit: Tuesdays, Thursdays 12:00-1:00 pm

*please note: our classes require a minimum number of participants. If classes do not reach the minimum, the class will be cancelled and all participants will receive a full refund including an email notice


What Happens After I Register?

All participants registered in an online class will receive the online zoom/class access link 24 hours before the start of class.

Please keep records of the meeting ID and password, in addition to saving the link that will be provided to you on your computer

Please note: BodyWorks will not be sending the links/passwords each week


What If I Cannot Attend?

BodyWorks will not be issuing refunds for any online classes unless there is an injury that can be confirmed with a doctor’s note.

Our staff will be taking attendance but will not require confirmation if you are to be absent at a future class.

In preparation for the launch of our Winter 2021 programs we’ve transitioned to a new online registration system.



Who needs a new account?

All current and new clients MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO REGISTER for any offered BodyWorks programs and services.  This includes all UBC staff, faculty, or members of the general public. You will require a new account for both online registration and over the phone registration.


When do I need to create my account?

Right away! To register for online classes this January 2021, you must have an active account.


Are you still owed a credit from the 2020 Season?

If so, it is very important that you create your account then complete this survey. We will require this information in order to process your credit.


*As of March 31, 2021, we will no longer be providing refunds or credits from the previous 2020 season




Designed and run by the School of Kinesiology, UBC BodyWorks members enjoy an inspiring, supportive community that promotes health for every body and ability. The BodyWorks philosophy of exercise program delivery is to provide unparalleled fitness programming services for adults across the age span that blend athletic training principles with chronic disease and risk management and prevention where appropriate.


To develop and deliver exceptional evidence-based fitness programs and services that educate and inspire to enhance wellbeing, while facilitating excellence in student leadership and mastery of skills.