Researchers in Kinesiology

Researcher ProfileResearch Area in KinesiologyResearch Lab/Group Website
Beauchamp, MarkPsychological StudiesPsychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Laboratory
Bennett, EricaPsychological StudiesPsychology of Inclusive Movement Research Group
Blouin, Jean-SébastienNeuromechanical Studies;
Biological and Physiological Studies
Sensorimotor Physiology Laboratory
Bredin, ShannonIndigenous Studies;
Biological and Physiological Studies
Cognitive and Motor Learning Laboratory;
Laboratory for Knowledge Mobilization
Bundon, AndreaSocio-Cultural StudiesDr. Andrea Bundon’s Research Group
Carpenter, MarkNeuromechanical StudiesNeural Control of Posture & Movement Laboratory
Chua, RomeoNeuromechanical StudiesPerceptual-Motor Dynamics Laboratory
Faulkner, GuyPsychological StudiesPopulation Physical Activity Lab (Pop-PA)
Fewster, KaylaNeuromechanical StudiesComing Soon
Franks, IanNeuromechanical StudiesMotor Control and Learning Laboratory
Hodges, NicolaNeuromechanical Studies;
Psychological Studies
Motor Skills Lab
Hurd, LauraSocio-Cultural StudiesDr. Laura Hurd’s Research Group
Inglis, TimNeuromechanical StudiesHuman Neurophysiology Lab
Khan, KarimBiological and Physiological StudiesCentre for Hip Health and Mobility
Koehle, MichaelBiological and Physiological StudiesEnvironmental Physiology Laboratory
Lam, TaniaNeuromechanical Studies;
Biological and Physiological Studies
Human Locomotion Research Lab
Ma, JasminLeadership Education for Pedagogy & Physical Activity;
Psychology of Sport, Physical Activity, Health & Motor Performance
Coming Soon
McCrudden, EmmaBiological and Physiological StudiesComing Soon
McKenzie, DonBiological and Physiological StudiesAllan McGavin Exercise Physiology Laboratory
Mitchell, CameronBiological and Physiological StudiesComing Soon
Norman, MossIndigenous Studies;
Socio-Cultural Studies
Dr. Moss Norman’s Research Group
Puterman, EliPsychological Studies;
Biological and Physiological Studies
Fitness, Aging, & Stress Lab
Sheel, BillBiological and Physiological StudiesHealth and Integrative Physiology (HIP) Laboratory
Vertinsky, PatriciaSocio-Cultural StudiesPhysical Culture Studies & Sport History Group
Warburton, DarrenBiological and Physiological Studies
Indigenous Studies
Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit
Wilson, BrianSocio-Cultural StudiesSport, Environment, Peace, Media