Hodges, Nicola

Professor | Associate Director, Graduate Affairs

Email: nicola.hodges@ubc.ca

Phone: 604 822 5895

Lab Website: Motor Skills Lab

Office: War Memorial Gymnasium, Room 300 | 6081 University Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z1

Publications: Google Scholar, Research Gate 


The University of British Columbia, 2001, PhD, (Human Kinetics)

McMaster University, 1995, MSc, (Human Biodynamics)

University of Hertfordshire, 1992, BSc, (Psychology, Hons)

Courses Taught

KIN 230 Human Motor Behaviour I

KIN 567 Human Motor Performance

KIN 570 Research Methods in Kinesiology


See Google Scholar and Research Gate for an up-to-date list of publications.

Research and Teaching

I run the Motor Skills Lab in Kinesiology at UBC. Here we study practice. We commonly conduct laboratory experiments with new learners to determine how and why various practice variables (such as instruction, demonstrations, feedback, order of practice) impact motor learning and transfer. These tasks range from relatively novel, yet easy to acquire skills (adapting to new visual-environments, learning 2-handed coordination actions, sequencing tasks) to more “true-to-life” skills (kicking, throwing, juggling). We also learn about practice by studying people who are already skilled and we have been involved in a number of projects related to skill development in soccer. Motor experts provide a rich source of information about practice histories and current practice habits to give insights into what practice entails to develop expert-like performance. In current work, students and I have been studying action prediction processes and the mechanisms involved in making accurate predictions as a result of various types of training (e.g., visual or motor). I am particularly interested in how we learn from watching others and mechanisms of action-observation and observational learning (through a range of techniques). This has recently involved the study of joint action and how people “share” practice and impact skill acquisition processes.

Potential Students

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or post-doctoral fellowship are encouraged to contact me at the email address above.

Consulting and Professional Practice

Consulting enquiries should be directed to me at the the email address above.