Research Areas in Kinesiology

Internationally recognized research groups and laboratories in the School of Kinesiology are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and research areas to address important fundamental, clinical and socio-cultural issues facing our society.


Neuromechanical Studies

This area includes researchers and scholars dedicated to understanding how neurological, cognitive, sensory, mechanical and muscular systems interact to control human motion and its response to the physical environment. This includes the study of automatic and volitional behaviours, neuro-muscular control, sensorimotor integration and adaptation, systems physiology, biomechanics, motor learning and expert performance and applications for rehabilitation and sport.

Socio-Cultural Studies

The Socio-Cultural group includes scholars from the disciplines of sociology and history. We engage in scholarship to explore the social, cultural and global context of sport, exercise, physical activity, health and the body. We use a range of mostly, but not exclusively, qualitative methodologies and our research is informed by critical theories from gender studies, pedagogy, age studies, media studies, Indigenous studies, disability studies, and more.

Psychological Studies

This area includes research labs and scholars from the disciplines of exercise, health and sport psychology, skill acquisition and behavioral medicine. The research broadly examines the application of psychology to understanding and supporting healthy sport, physical activity and health behaviors, and incorporates a range of disciplinary perspectives and research designs, theoretical and methodological approaches.

Biological and Physiological Studies

This area explores the roles of physical activity and fitness on physiological systems and underlying cellular and metabolic mechanisms. Our laboratories and scholars examine how physiologically and psychologically adverse environments, as well as physical injuries, impact the relationships between physical activity and fitness with biological systems. We use discovery based science with a wide range of methodologies, from laboratory studies and interventions in humans to highly controlled research studies in rodents.

Indigenous Studies

This area aspires to create an inter-disciplinary research space where under-/graduate students, faculty and community scholars can work collaboratively in exploring the relationship between Indigenous physical cultures, physical activity, health and wellbeing. Projects emerging from this stream use a community-based approach that builds on community strengths in producing knowledge that is both culturally responsive and relevant.

Research Centres & Clusters

Multi-disciplinary groups of researchers and scholars working collectively to address significant research issues in Kinesiology.