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The School of Kinesiology is internationally recognized for its distinguished research and innovation applied to the study of human movement, sport, physical activity, and health. The School is home to over 25 active researchers and 100 graduate students, who are linked through collaborative, multidisciplinary networks with other institutions, research centres, and clusters at UBC and abroad.

In 2018 the Chan Gunn Pavilion opened its doors on Wesbrook Mall to serve as the new hub for sports medicine and exercise science research at UBC.


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School of KIN research team wins grant to help hard-to-reach populations

KIN professors, Drs. Guy Faulkner, Mark Beauchamp and Eli Puterman have received the John R. Evans Leaders Fund grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, with a complementary match by the BC Knowledge Development Fund. The $1.53 million award will fund the development of the RESPECT Collaboratory, a facility that is designed for building, assessing, […]

“You’re wrong, I’ll switch, I’m wrong, I’ll stay”: How task-switching strategies are modulated by a partner in a multi-task learning protocol

Congratulations to KIN BKin alum Brynn Alexander and Dr. Nikki Hodges for their new publication on task-switching strategies in partner exercises. If individuals given control over practice variables make practice decisions based on their current performance, this article investigates if and how a partner’s performance impacts these decisions. The study evaluates this question in a multi-task learning protocol, where individuals […]

Air pollution and high-intensity interval exercise: Implications to anti-inflammatory balance, metabolome and cardiovascular responses

Congratulations to KIN alum Dr. Sarah Koch and to Dr. Michael Koehle for their newly published article on the effects of air pollution in high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE). Highlights of their study include: Urban air pollution impairs physiological responses to exercise associated with health; HIIE under air pollution exposure inhibits the expected anti-inflammatory responses; and […]

Dr. Eli Puterman on Combatting Depression Through Exercise

Congratulations to Kin assistant professor Eli Puterman on his study in combatting depression through physical activity. Depression levels have significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The question of finding a practical solution to reduce it is more relevant now than ever before. Dr. Puterman was recently featured on CBC News. Eli and his research team […]

Congratulations Dr. Jasmin Ma For Her Newly Published Study!

Congratulations to Dr. Jasmin Ma for her published study, “Implementation of the spinal cord injury exercise guidelines in the hospital and community settings: Protocol for a type II hybrid trial.” Her research aims to evaluate the implementation of coordinated physical activity (PA) coaching delivered by physiotherapists and spinal cord injury (SCI) peers during the transition […]