Chan Gunn Pavilion

The Chan Gunn Pavilion serves as the new home for sports medicine and exercise science research at UBC

It houses the Center for Sports Medicine and Exercise Science which includes:

  • A state-of the-art School of Kinesiology and Physiology laboratory to orchestrate research and care involving fitness monitoring and muscular and cardiorespiratory testing,
  • An imaging suite equipped with cutting-edge technology,
  • Enhanced space for the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic (including Primary Care Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics),
  • The Jack and Darlene Poole Rehabilitation and Research Gym — a space to develop and deliver evidence-based exercise programs to prevent, treat and manage cancer and other medical conditions,
  • The Gunn IMS wing, dedicated to chronic pain treatment and research.

The building was made possible after Dr. Chan Gunn, a pioneering Vancouver physician in the field of pain relief, generously donated $5 million to the University for its construction, to create a space exclusively for exercise and sport medicine teaching, research, and patient care.

The 13,480 square-foot pavilion is now one of the first academic sports medicine units in the world, and the first in Canada.

The facility supports leading-edge research and clinical training in physical activity and exercise medicine by the UBC Division of Sports Medicine and the School of Kinesiology.

Along with physicians and physical therapists who treat about 3,500 patients a month in the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic, the Chan Gunn Pavilion is home to numerous faculty and graduate students from the School of Kinesiology, who use the space to explore the body’s response to exercise.

The building includes rehabilitation space, gym, and labs for research into movement mechanisms, injury recovery strategies, and optimal exercise training for people with cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Chan Gunn Pavilion building is designed to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standards, a green building certification program used worldwide.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Low emitting materials to comply with strict criteria concerning VOC emissions.
  • Thermal comfort optimized to provide comfortable environment for occupants.
  • Natural light for bright and stimulating internal environment.

Materials & Resources

  • Certified wood from sustainably managed forest.
  • Over 75% of non-hazardous construction waste was successfully diverted from landfill through either reuse or recycling.
  • Over 20% of the building materials contain recycled content.
  • 20% of locally sourced materials extracted and manufactured within 800km.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Envelope design that reduces heat loss.
  • Electricity consumption from lighting reduced by 46%.
  • Waste heat from Thunderbird Arena transferred to this building improving heat recovery.
  • Natural ventilation which reduces energy consumption and mechanical system costs.
  • Measurement and verification system to verify energy and water consumption systems are operating as intended.

Water Efficiency

  • Conbination of low flow fixtures and usage sensors to reach water use reduction of over 36%.
  • Total water save is estimated to be 1,485,228L per year.
  • That is approximately equivalent to 247,358 toilet flushes or 18,565 full bathtubs.

Our Address:

2553 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

604 822 6833

The Chan Gunn Pavilion is located directly in front of the Thunderbird Arena.