Participate in a Research Study

The School of Kinesiology has a vibrant research program and we are continually looking for people interested assisting with, or in being subjects in, our research projects. The following is a list of some of our current projects. Follow the links to find out more about how to become involved in these studies.

Is your Kinesiology research lab or group looking for participants? If you’d like it posted here please fill out this form. Please note that only research studies in Kinesiology will be posted.
Date Posted Project Title Principal Investigator End Date mm/dd/yyyy
04/04/2022 Practice scheduling in pairs Dr. Nicola Hodges 06/30/2022
03/10/2022 The effect of sex on the cardiovascular response to the metaboreflex during dynamic leg exercise Dr. Bill Sheel 10/01/2022
03/05/2022 Limb and Inspiratory Metaboreflex Activation in Healthy Males and Females Dr. Bill Sheel 08/31/2022
02/17/2022 Sexual dimorphism in physiological and bioenergetic responses to aerobic exercise Dr. Robert Boushel 06/30/2022
05/26/2021 Cardiovascular response to respiratory muscle loading: The effect of menopausal status in women Dr. Bill Sheel 09/01/2021
08/21/2020 The Impact of Abdominal Body Contouring Surgery on Physical Function After a Massive Weight Loss: A Non-Randomized Control Trial Dr. Cameron Mitchell 08/20/2021