The School of Kinesiology offers an extensive Outreach program to various communities and students through both Active Kids and BodyWorks programming.

Both programs provide unique experiential learning opportunities to engage the next generation of leaders in Kinesiology, and rich experiential physical activity environments to engage local communities and specialized populations. Driven by evidence-based practices and supported through the expertise of the School, programs range from positive sport and physical literacy development for children of all ages and abilities, to the prevention of chronic disease in middle age and older adults, to overall health and well-being promotion.


To offer student development and community engagement opportunities that deliver long-term health and well-being to the UBC and Greater Vancouver community through Physical Activity programs supported by the expertise of the School of Kinesiology.

Community Engagement

Programs are designed to engage various communities, various partner organizations, and individuals across the lifespan in order to promote physical activity amongst all abilities in a non-competitive, positive, and fun atmosphere. We strive to promote best practices and inspire children, youth, adults, and older adults to find joy in movement and to promote health and wellbeing.

Student Development

Both Active Kids and BodyWorks participate in numerous special programs and projects, including Kin academic class partnerships and research support for the School of Kinesiology. Kinesiology students will find many opportunities within the School’s Outreach programs to gain experiential learning that will enhance their academic experience and professional development through volunteer and employment roles.

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