Academic Advising

The Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Centre is dedicated to supporting the success of all BKIN students. Our team of advising staff is available to provide comprehensive academic support, helping you understand degree requirements and plan your courses effectively. A degree can be hard to navigate on your own, so feel free to contact our office anytime you need help navigating the complexities of your academic path, or need an expert opinion on course selection, credit fulfillment, and prerequisites. We can also help connect you with other campus resources should you require support beyond academic advising.

For the quickest response, use our Contact Us form below. It’s easy to use and lets you provide all the details we need to help you. Please provide detailed questions to help us assist you better. The more information you give, the more effectively we can address your needs.

Kinesiology Undergraduate Advising Centre
War Memorial Gym (Room 202)   
6081 University Boulevard     
Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-822-4512

Office hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00-12:00pm and 1:00-3:30pm
*closed Tuesdays between 9:00-12:00pm