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Job Opportunities

To view current Body Works opportunities Click Here.

Volunteer Opportunities

The UBC BodyWorks team has an ongoing volunteer hiring intake.

At UBC BodyWorks you will have the unique opportunity to learn closely with and from other UBC students and staff. Develop and apply your diverse skills and interests through our mentorship program that involves hands on learning. This position will allow you to reflect on your aspirations as well as develop and work toward your career goals.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, or to find out more information about our programs please fill out the
Volunteer Opportunity Form and one of our lead staff will get back to you as soon as possible

Minimum Requirements: Active CPR Level C Certification

Staffing Opportunities

UBC BodyWorks has a variety of unique paid opportunities including on-campus health initiatives, education sessions and classes.

Additionally, BodyWorks has a good-standing history with the Worklearn program, which offers a competitive hourly rate for students who are currently in school.

For more information about Worklearn please visit their main site.
If you are interested in paid opportunities please send an email to kin.outreach@ubc.ca with your updated resume and specify which term you’d like to start working.

Minimum Requirements: Active CPR Level C Certification

Other preferred requirements based on positions: Certification in Personal Training & Experience working with older adults.

For additional volunteer and staffing opportunities please visit the Job/Volunteer posting page.


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