COVID FAQ, Policies, Info for Parents, & Community Resources



FALL 2021 / Winter 2022:

As we transition from highly prescriptive COVID-19 specific orders and safety plans back to more general institutional policies and guidance on occupational health and safety, please be aware of the following:


UBC Active Kids Programs Offered

All regular programs are now available including birthdays, drop in’s, group and school bookings, Excel program assessments, and regular classes.


There will no longer be staggered start times for programs, and more than two classes will take place in the gym at once.


With respect to specific details surrounding class sizes, activities, social distancing measures, etc., UBC Active Kids has aligned with all BC Restart measures. More information can be found here.


Safety Plans

UBC Active Kids has transitioned away from its original safety plan that was approved by Vancouver Coastal Health and in effect from Oct 2020 – Aug 2021. Moving forward, in alignment with the UBC guidance and the BC Re-start Plan, the following plan will be used:


PARENTS: Building Access / Program Drop-Off and Pick-Up

The UBC Osborne Center is open to the public. You may enter the building to drop off and pick up your child, use the washroom, etc. However, once a program has started you will not be allowed to remain in the gymnastics gym as a spectator. Please see the Parents and Spectators section for more information.


Facemask Expectations

In response to the renewed mask mandate, effective immediately face masks will be required when indoors at all Active Kids programs for persons aged 5 and older.

We also strongly recommended that you and your child wear a facemask even during activity time. However, masks may be removed at the start of activity time and should be replaced as soon as the class is complete. Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Persons with an underlying medical condition or disability which impacts the ability to wear a face covering
  • Children 11 years of age or under
  • Persons unable to place or remove a face covering without assistance


Proof of Vaccine Expectations

Proof of Vaccination will be required for people aged 22 and older. We will be doing a visual inspection at the entrance to your program.

This requirement is by order of the Provincial Health Officer and will progress through several stages:

  • September 13 – October 23: Partially Vaccinated (at least one dose)
  • October 24 onwards: Fully Vaccinated (2 doses)

Verification of your vaccination status will be conducted using the BC Vaccine Card and government photo ID (or UBC Card) at the beginning of each activity. We will also need to view a picture of government issued photo ID.

Please take note of this if you are participating in the following programs:

  • Family Gymnastics Drop In, for the adults who are attending with children
  • Adult Gymnastics Drop In
  • Parent and Tot, for the parent participating with the child
  • Adults Gymnastics program
  • Birthday Parties, any parent who wishes to attend the cake and presents component, after activity time
  • Generally speaking, any program in which there is a participant or group gathering where an individual is over 21 years old


Please ensure you GET THE BC VACCINE CARD before you come to your first class


Pre-screening Heath Checks

UBC Active Kids will no longer be implementing a pre-screening questionnaires upon arrival to programs. However, all participants must monitor their health. If you feel sick DO NOT come to your class.


Hand Sanitizing

All persons must sanitize their hands upon entering the gymnastics gym. We will no longer require participants to hand sanitize between the use of each apparatus and piece of equipment. But there will be hand sanitizers available usage and it will be encouraged to be used regularly.


Water Bottles and Washrooms

Public washrooms and water fountains are now open. However, we strongly encourage all participants to bring a water bottle as coaches will not be bringing groups of children to water fountains.



We will continue to implement increased cleaning measures every day.


PARENTS and Spectators in the Gymnastics Gym

Spectators are not allowed in the gym during program time. Parents may enter the waiting area in the gym to drop off your child, but you must leave once the program has started. Picking up your child will be done at a different exit door, located on the east side of the hallway outside of the gymnastics gym. Coaches will be on site to help with wayfinding.



Spotting by coaches is allowed and will be done on a regular basis for more advanced skills; this may occur with or without the use of gloves pending the exact context of the activity/skill, or masks (unless the participant chooses to wear a mask)


What to do if you’re feeling sick before your class?

If you are feeling ill, do not attend the class and follow the steps:


What happens when I feel sick during the class?

Your child will be separated from the group and asked to put their mask on and you will be contacted immediately to pick up your child. Please then use the BC Self-Assessment tool if you need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. Contact us to provide an update


What happens if you are feeling sick after the class?

Use the BC Self-Assessment tool if you need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. Then please contact us at


How will refunds and credits work if I miss a class?

Normal Active Kids refund policies are in effect.


If you need to miss a class for health and safety reasons then please contact our registration office by 12PM on the day of your program and you will receive a credit for that class. You may leave a voicemail or email if no one is available to answer, and we will honor the request providing you meet the time requirements.


Registration Office Hours

The Osborne Center registration office is now open to the public this Fall 2021 as follows:

Mondays: 9am - 2pm

Tuesdays: 9am - 4pm

Wednesdays: 9am - 3pm

Thursdays: 9am - 12pm

Fridays: 12pm - 5pm

*We will be closed starting Thurs Dec 23 and re-opening Tues Jan 4, 2022

You may visit in-person or call during these times, or send us an email at

What To Wear & Bring

Please see the COVID 19 section above for more information.

Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing and for those participating in the Gymnastics program, they will need to take off their shoes and socks. Hair should be tied back and jewelry will need to be removed.

We recommend that participants bring a water bottle and perhaps a healthy snack for after their program.

Code of Conduct

The Active Kids parent and participant code of conduct is available here: Child & Parent Code of Conduct

Refund / Withdrawal / Transfer Policies

During COVID 19 the regular Active Kids refund and withdrawal policies are in effect and available here: Refund Policy

If you need to miss a class due to health and safety reasons, you will be issued a credit providing you contact us by 12pm on the day of your class. Please see the COVID 19 section above for more information.

Cancelled Programs

If a program you have registered for needs to be completely cancelled due to low registration or otherwise, you will be contacted by our office a minimum of 48 hours before the first session and you will receive a complete refund. For holiday and seasonal related facility / program / office / gymnastics drop in schedules, please refer to the sidebar.

Missed Classes

COVID 19 Policy: Regular refund policies are in effect, please see our Refund section below. However, if you need to miss a class due to health and safety reasons, you will be issued a credit providing you contact us by 12pm on the day of your class. Please see the COVID 19 section above for more information.


If you miss a gymnastics class, no make up classes are available. However, you may request a one time free family drop in pass from your coach or our main registration office. Only 1 pass per participant per term is allowed. Make up classes are not allowed for soccer, basketball, multisport, or specialized / custom programs or bookings.


We encourage all participants to register on a waitlist if your desired class is full. Within the first 3 weeks of class, we regularly open additional spots where possible. We will contact you directly by phone if a spot becomes available and you will be given 48 hours to respond and register with our main office. After 48 hours, your spot will be forfeited and offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Excel & Tramp and Tumble Assessments 

To register for an excel class and/or the advanced tramp and tumble class you must first complete an assessment.

If you are already registered in one of our classes (for example Gym Kids 2, or Excel 1) and would like an assessment please ask your coach directly before your class starts. They will be happy to do the assessment during class time. *Please note not all requests may be accommodated on the same day. This is at the coaches discretion.

If you have never taken a class with us before and would like an assessment, please contact us at to coordinate a booking. *Please allow a minimum of 3 business days to receive a response.

Once the assessment is complete the coach will inform you of the results and submit your evaluation form to the main registration office for processing. Processing will require a minimum of 1 full week. Registration is possible only once processing is complete. To check the status of your assessment, please call 604-822-0207.

*Please note the coaches have final say on the recommended level of class.

**Please plan in advance if you are trying to have the assessment prior to a registration day.

***An assessment does not guarantee a spot in the program, all registration is first come first served

Photo / Filming Policy

Taking photos or filming is strictly prohibited by parents, participants, friends, etc. during the following Active Kids programs: Weekly Classes / Programs, Camps, Drop In times, and Private Lessons. This includes taking photos of your own child.

Photos may be taken by parents, participants, and organization representatives during: Group Bookings and Birthdays.

In the event that UBC Active Kids plans a Photo / Video shoot during our programs, we will contact you and request you fill out our Consent to Use Of Image form.

Parking & Traveling By Transit

We are happy to announce that all Active Kids families currently registered in a Gymnastics class may register for a FREE DROP-OFF / PICK-UP PARKING PASS!

The pass is directly linked to your license plate so you do not have to use the meters. The pass will allow you to park for 15 minutes at the Osborne Lot (located on Thunderbird Blvd immediately east of Osborne Unit 1) so that you can drop-off and pick-up your child at the gymnastics gym located in the Osborne Center.

Within 1 week prior to the start date of your gymnastics class, you will receive an email from Active Kids with a special link that allows you to register for the free pass. If you are currently registered and have not received the link, please contact us directly.

*Please note that all parking on UBC property is overseen by UBC Parking. Please contact them directly if you have any parking specific inquiries or technical issues registering for the free pass. All inquiries related to tickets, payments, and disputes must also be sent directly to UBC Parking. Active Kids has no authority over ticketing decisions.

Acadia Park, University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA), UTown@UBC Members Discount

All Acadia Park, UNA, and UTown@UBC Members receive 10% off Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday Morning Parent & Tot and Preschool classes

*To receive the discount registration must be done in person and registering participant must have a valid Acadia Park / UNA / UTown@UBC card.


School of Kinesiology Faculty & Staff Discount 

All School of Kinesiology Faculty and Staff receive 50% off  weekly Active Kids Gymnastics Classes and 15% discount for Gymnastics Summer Camps

*Discount does not apply to other Active Kids Programming such as: Birthday Parties, Private Lessons, Drop-in sessions/passes, Group bookings, Programs offered with Community Partners,Special Events, or Additional Program fees.


Community Resources for Parents

Active Kids is an integral part of the School’s strategic plan to advance and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge that fosters community health and wellbeing through physical activity, physical literacy, and sport. We encourage you to view and share the information below.

Cardiovascular response to respiratory muscle loading: Effect of menopausal status in women

We are recruiting a group of healthy young and older, men and women for a study investigating the blood pressure and heart rate response to respiratory work. We aim to see the effects of menopausal status on the cardiovascular response. More details and information about eligibility is available here.. If you have any questions or are interested  please contact Michael Leahy for more information:


Parental perceptions of COVID-19 related impacts to youth physical activity and the effectiveness of redesigned program models

You are invited to take part in this research study if you are a parent of a child (or children) aged 5-11 years old who participated in the UBC Active Kids program in the Winter 2020 term. We want to learn more about how your child(ren)’s experiences with physical activity have changed due to COVID-19 related restrictions. This study also aims to examine parental perceptions of how their child(ren)’s physical activity habits have been impacted and their experiences with redesigned program models for the delivery of physical activity to youth populations.

  • Read the optional Parent Invitation for more general information, click here
  • Read the Detailed Study Overview and Consent Form, click here
  • Click here to submit your email and you will be contact. OR email the Research Assistant directly at


Seniors Covid-19 Pandemic and Exercise  Trial

The trial is being conducted by Dr. Mark Beauchamp (Director of the Psychology of Exercise, Health, and Physical Activity Lab at the University of British Columbia) and colleagues.Our goal is to assess whether exercising with other older adults as part of a socially connected (but physically distanced) exercise program, or a personal exercise program, will significantly improve the well-being and health of older adults (aged 65 years or older) currently living in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information is available here. If you would like to participate please contact


Lifespan Movement for Physical Activity Study

Participants will answer a short questionnaire about physical activity. Participants will also complete six movement skills, the kick, throw, hop, jump, sit-to-stand, and rising from a lying down position. Participants will have your physical activity measured for one week. More information is available here and by contacting Ryan Hulteen at 


Personal Experiences with Exercise

Colin Wierts, a PhD student at UBC, is currently recruiting participants for a research study in order to better understand people’s personal experiences with exercise. Participation will include filling out an online questionnaire on two occasions over the course of 4 weeks. Questionnaire completion will take approximately 15-25 minutes at time 1, and approximately 5-15 minutes at time 2. In order to be eligible, participants must be 18 years or older and be able to read and converse in English. Participants will be entered into a prize draw to win one of six $50 gift certificates. More information is available here. If you would like to participate, please contact Colin at


Perceptions of Robots and Technology in Childcare Contexts

This project proposes to explore how caregivers and parents perceive robot and related technology in the context of caring for children, and what elements of care technology make it acceptable by parents/caregivers. By conducting surveys and interview sessions with caregivers, we hope to gain insights on how robots/machines can be designed to be more widely adopted, while still supporting childcare needs. Critically, we are investigating the way robots and related technologies are perceived in terms of factors such as agency, autonomy, capability, leading to caregiver acceptance. Our goal is to learn how to mitigate both the reality and the perception that human-robot interaction could be replacing human-human interaction. More information is available here and by contacting Liz Koswara-Simms at


Potential Effects of Different Types of Audio in Electronic Books on Young Children’s Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning

This study will compare the reading comprehension and vocabulary learning of 4- and 5-year-old children as they read independently one of three versions of an e-book with one of the following audio features combined with animated pictures: 1) only oral language, 2) oral language plus meaningful music, and 3) oral language plus noise. We are looking for 4- to 5-year-old children who are willing to participate in our study. More information is available at Please contact directly for more information.


If you are interested in participating in one of the School of Kinesiology's current research projects, please visit the School's research website to see the full list of current projects and  fill out the form to indicate your interest.