Alumni FAQs

If you don’t find the answer to your questions below, please contact the KIN Alumni Office at

You can update your contact information online, or if you prefer, call Alumni UBC at Phone: (604) 822-3313, or toll-free 800-883-3088.

To update your UBC subscriber listings, please email UBC Alumni Records at Within the body of your email, please state your first and last name, degree and what subscription you would like removed from your alumni profile.

To update your surname, please email UBC Alumni Records at, explaining your circumstances and specifying both your former and "new" names. Be sure to include your degree and graduation year to assist in the location of your record.

In order to protect the privacy of our alumni, UBC School of Kinesiology Alumni Relations Office does not release their contact details.

In order to protect the privacy of our alumni, UBC School of Kinesiology Alumni Relations Office does not release their contact details. However, we can try to let someone know on your behalf that you are trying to reach out.

You can sign up on UBC Alumni Affairs’ website by clicking here.

The UBC Alumni A-card  provides all UBC alumni with access to services and discounts from a variety of partners, as well as a host of UBC services and venues.

  • Career Fair
  • Hire Students through the KIN Co-op Program
  • KIN alumni reps for the International Student Initiative
  • Photograph/videotape events
  • Join KIN Alumni Focus Groups
  • Alumni Speakers
  • Nominate deserving alumni for UBC Alumni Achievement Awards

To start your reunion planning process, contact for information on reunion planning.

The UBC School of Kinesiology Alumni Relations Office can assist you by:

  • Answering questions about event planning and management
  • Providing you with a list of classmates and available contact information
  • Providing your committee with meeting space
  • Assisting in creating and distributing invitations
  • Assisting with registration, audio visual requirements and nametags
  • Corresponding with special guests such as Deans, staff or faculty members and encourage their involvement in the event
  • Promoting and profiling your reunion on the UBC School of Kinesiology Alumni webpage and the School of Kin electronic newsletter.

Click here for information on how to obtain a liquor license for an event.

UBC Transcript Services: Official transcripts are available from the transcripts department at UBC Enrolment Services. Click here for information on processing time, rush orders, price, ordering and pickup or delivery methods.

Your degree can be replaced through the services of the UBC Registrar's Office.

Class Notes submissions can be made online through our website.

As a UBC alumnus, you can either contact UBC Enrolment Services by phone at 604-822-3014 or email your name, graduation year and degree information to