Dr. David Wright Secures CIHR Grant for Novel Antipsychotic Side Effects Study

Dr. David Wright, in partnership with Dr. Margaret Hahn from the University of Toronto, has secured a significant grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) for their project titled “Targeting the Exercise-Inducible Signalling Factor FGF21 as a Novel Approach to Alleviate the Side Effects of Antipsychotics.” This initiative addresses a pressing need within mental health treatment.

Dr. Wright’s research revolves around lifestyle interventions, such as exercise and ketogenic diets, to uncover molecular mechanisms that could be harnessed for therapeutic purposes in mitigating the adverse metabolic effects induced by antipsychotic medications in individuals with schizophrenia. Over the course of the next five years, the project will conduct a series of experiments to delve into the underlying mechanisms behind the positive effects of these interventions, with the ultimate aim of enhancing patient health outcomes.

The CIHR Project Grant Program is committed to advancing health-related knowledge and outcomes by providing support to research projects across diverse stages and disciplines. It promotes innovative approaches and encourages the translation of discoveries into practical applications, including potential commercialization.