Kim, Hyosub

Assistant Professor


Phone: 604 822 9964

Lab Website: Computation, Cognition, and Movement (CCM) Lab

Office: Robert F. Osborne Centre, Unit 1 | 6108 Thunderbird Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z3

Publications: Google Scholar


University of California, Berkeley, 2018, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Department of Psychology and Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, PhD (Neuroscience)

University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012, DPT

The Juilliard School, 2000, BM (Music Performance)

Courses Taught

KIN 482 Advanced Seminar in Neuromechanics – Programming and Data Science

Research Area

Research and Teaching

How are humans able to acquire, retain, and adapt a seemingly limitless repertoire of skilled movements across the lifespan? Our lab aims to address this question and thereby shed light on fundamental principles of learning and memory in the healthy and diseased human motor system. Towards this aim, we combine theory with motor psychophysics, computational modeling, and patient testing. Our research into motor learning focuses on the control of goal-directed reaching, an ideal model system to understand interactions between cognition and action given that reaching involves high-level decision-making and low-level automatic processes.


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Potential Students

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree or post-doctoral fellowship are encouraged to contact me at the email address listed above.