Alumni Stories

See what these Kin alumni are up to and what they’re doing with their Kinesiology degrees.

Ling Pai

Ling Pai, BHK 2007, is an extraordinary person who in spite of the physical challenges presented to her in life, has pushed herself to overcome them and go beyond.  At age 14 Ling was diagnosed with Dominant Optical Atrophy and was told that her sight would continue to decline over time. Ling is now considered legally […]

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Dr. Alastair Hodges

Dr. Alastair Hodges, BHK 1998, PhD 2006, is in the midst of a successful academic career. He has earned an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, a Master’s degree in exercise physiology from McGill University, and a Doctorate in exercise physiology from the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre at UBC. He […]

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Rachel Ramsden

Rachel Ramsden graduated from the School of Kinesiology in 2013. While originally attracted to the program with an interest in sport and physical activity, Rachel’s interests evolved to focus on community-level policy and programming that support healthy communities. Rachel decided to pursue her newfound interest in community programming, and continued her education with a Master’s […]


Joyce Lam

Joyce Lam, BKin 2017, discovered her passion for neuroscience in her undergraduate years at the School of Kinesiology, where her involvement in on-campus labs as a student broadened her knowledge and experience within the field of research. In 2015, Joyce began working as a Work Learn student in the Frontotemporal Dementia Research Program at UBC […]


Mark Bi

Mark Bi, MKin 2005, graduated with a specialization in Sports Marketing and Management under his advisor, Dr. Bob Sparks. Mark now works frequently between Vancouver and Shanghai — in 2013, Mark founded Juihui Investment in Shanghai, and invested in two new media companies, Shanghai Lilong New Media, and Shanghai Zheng’an Information Technology. Mark served Lilong […]

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Don Cunnings

Don Cunnings (left) is a highly respected 1962 UBC Physical Education graduate who, coming out of the Recreation program created by Bob Osborne and Dick Ramsay, became one of the early provincial pioneers in the development of parks and recreation. His extensive and varied career has been acknowledged by his 2012 induction into the Coquitlam […]

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Norm Olenick

Norm Olenick is widely known in the Physical Education community as the one who started and developed the Recreation and Physical Education programs at Langara College. These programs have since expanded to be the centre for the development of our leaders in Recreation. As it has turned out, Langara and the work of Olenick has […]

Andrea Neil

Andrea Neil, a 1996 UBC Kinesiology graduate and former star Thunderbird soccer player, has been described by the local media as “. . . a legend with an unimpeachable reputation.” As a student at UBC her soccer skills and coaching ability were coming into focus as she now is considered to be one of UBC’s […]


Jonathan Chung

Jonathan Chung, BKin 2014, developed a passion for business while studying in the UBC School of Kinesiology’s Interdisciplinary stream, where he had enrolled in various economics, accounting and marketing classes. His interest in business did not stop with his UBC courses. During his studies at KIN, he  served as an executive on the UBCCVC (formerly […]

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Pauline Chuang

Pauline Chuang, BKin 2017, discovered her passion in the power of healing through rehabilitation – specifically through therapeutic exercises and manual therapy, in her undergraduate years. During her time at UBC, Pauline was highly involved in the UBC KIN community. She served as a Student Athletic Trainer for the UBC Women’s Rugby team, a Personal […]