Bahrami, Ben

Ben Bahrami, is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for McMaster University. He is grateful that the UBC Masters of Kinesiology allowed him to focus on his passion and believes that although his knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics improved significantly, the most valuable thing he learned was how to establish a culture as a coach. He states that “the skillset I learned here was key for my career growth. The combination of the freedom afforded to me in my academic projects, and the flexibility of the program allowed me the practical experience I needed to develop as a coach.”

Ben was inspired by such Kin professors as, “Dr. Maria Gallo, who was just taking over the MKin program at the time; she was a fantastic resource and a supportive voice. Carl Bergstrom, who is now the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Golden State Warriors, was someone with whom I was able to share my ideas. Finally, Dr. Michael Koehle was one of my favourite instructors, as I found his approach to teaching very honest and effective.”

Ben had never considered becoming a performance coach as a boy. However, many opportunities popped up for him to help out in the varsity gym during his undergrad years. It was through those experiences, combined with his degree requirements that sparked his interest in the field of strength and conditioning. But mostly, Ben says that it’s because “I have benefited from so many great people coaching me throughout my life. It was easy to decide to be a coach once I figured out the incredible positive influence so many have had on me as an individual.”

Ben’s tips to students for success:

1. Do what makes you excited when you get up in the morning.

2. Genuine interest and passion in a career will always be successful.

3. Treat everyone the same, coach everyone differently.

4. Accept every opportunity that can make you, and those around you, better.

5. Prioritize family and health.