Spring Graduation 2021 – June 2

UBC will host a live online graduation ceremony for the Spring Class of 2021 on Wednesday, June 2nd.

All students are invited. To join the real-time virtual ceremony click here.

Pre-show event                           9:30am PST
Ceremony                                 10:00am PST
Alumni UBC celebration           11:00am  PST
Kin Grad Reception                 12:00pm  PST

Proud grads and attendees may wish to share their happy feelings on social media. Check out the KIN website here, to download and share special grad gifs, digital photo frames, and celebratory signage. Don’t forget to tag @UBCKin and use hashtags #UBCKin2021  #UBCKinGrad2021  #UBCGrad2021

Please visit www.graduation.ubc.ca for updates.