Novak, Mira

Mira Novak is a recent graduate of the High-Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program (MHPCTL 2022). He is presently the head coach of the NCAA Division I women’s soccer team at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Before moving to the United States, Mira completed multiple coaching degrees in his home country, the Czech Republic, and Canada. He studied coaching at Charles University in Prague and St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, where he “played soccer and coached upon his graduation.” In 2016, he enrolled in the UBC School of Kinesiology’s HPCTL program and pursued a master’s degree while living in Scotland. He was working in coach education and mentoring at the Scottish Football Association and working in national youth talent soccer programs. In hindsight, it had been noteworthy for him “to be completing his master’s in different contexts before and after his move to the U.S.” He coached in five countries throughout his academic and professional journeys, which motivated him to “adjust his coaching practices to different cultures” and develop cultural competence.

Mira’s most memorable moments at UBC were his interactions with instructors and fellow students. “There were residential portions of our studies where we could interact with our peers and professors face to face. It was a very stimulating environment with several high-level coaches and professors present,” notes Mira. He credits David Hill, Dr. Maria Gallo, Dr. Andy van Neutegem and Dr. Shaunna Taylor for “investing so much effort into building the MHPCTL program.”

One of Mira’s significant career achievements as head coach was leading his team to win the 2021 America East Conference and become a continuing contender. Throughout his profession, he coached and trained athletes who have gone on to play for their national teams and pursue professional sporting careers.