Course Selection

We recommend that students who are new for 2019W onwards should contact the KIN Advising Office and book an appointment to go over course planning with an advisor.
You may also find the following resources useful if you are entering KIN in 2019W or later:

Here is the recommended course sequence for first-year students. The table presents the core courses that you must take in your first two years. The elective credits are a suggestion only because each program stream (see Stream Requirements for more information) has specific requirements that will be satisfied by your selection of electives. Remember that some courses have a laboratory component (marked in bold red) that must be taken in the SAME term and you must register in these along with the lecture section.


Year 1 - Term 1
  • ENGL 112 - Strategies for University Writing
  • KIN 151 - Biomechanics I
  • KIN 161 - Leisure and Sport in Society
  • KIN 190 - Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Electives (6 credits)
Year 1 - Term 2
  • KIN 103 - Active Health
  • KIN 191 - Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Electives (6 credits)
Year 2 - Term 1
  • KIN 231 - Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • KIN 275 - Exercise Physiology I
  • Electives credits (*)
Year 2 - Term 2
  • KIN 230 - Human Motor Behaviour I
  • KIN 261 - Health Policy and Society
  • KIN 284 - Physical Growth and Motor Development
  • Electives credits (*)


*15 elective credits in year 2 in the Interdisciplinary Studies stream and the Kinesiology and Health Sciences stream and 9 elective credits in the Leadership Education for Physical Activity, Sport, and Health stream.

Note: The KINH program stream requires 12 credits of science courses and the LEED (formerly PEDH) program stream requires 12 credits of performance analysis course work.

Note: KIN 190 and KIN 191 cannot be taken in the same term.

Note: Students should make sure to be aware of courses noted on Credit Exclusion Lists, which can be found on the Academic Calendar. This lists courses in which there is sufficient overlap that credit may be obtained for only one selection. Students will not be granted credit for taking a course that is listed on the Credit Exclusion List along with a course that they have already taken. For example, students who have credit for KIN 190/KIN 191 will not be granted credit for BIOL 153 or BIOL 155.


See Stream Requirements for more detailed information before you select your elective credits.